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3/30 c1 Guest

www dot fanfiction dot net/s/14011295/1/Caillou-Montana


www dot fanfiction dot net/s/14011295/1/Caillou-Montana


www dot fanfiction dot net/s/14011295/1/Caillou-Montana

2/28 c24 Kitttkatt01
Forgot to say I’m undercoverlikeaspy I just changed my name. Again love the similarities to the old story and yet it’s so different at the same time. The meeting of Kol and Gwen are very different and can’t wait to see how it wvolves
2/28 c24 Kitttkatt01
Still loving this story to this day. From the old story to this. Love it
1/29 c24 9Love.Fiction.2022
so gwen is klaus' daughter in this?
1/29 c1 Love.Fiction.2022
i remember this story, it was good as it was. but ill read it again! as i forgot.
1/27 c24 xenocanaan
Cliffhangers are evil, but I am so happy you updated I’ll leave it at that! Thank you for sharing another wonderful chapter! I’m really looking forward to reading more!

As for the Originals and Hope, honestly that could go many different ways. Whether or not Hope is in the story, there were definitely interesting moments and reveals in the Originals I would love to see Gwen be apart of. I would like to see the Originals no allow the stupidity they allowed or showed themselves in the shows. I mean, you’d expect them to get the job done, not be manipulated by everyone out there.
1/27 c24 ArtemisLuna85
I honestly don't want Hope in the story. Like I was saying before this is a Gwen story I think having Hope around will diminish the father/daughter relationship that Klaus and Gwen have. I for Klaus to have one daughter (Gwen) and one son (Marcel). Great chapter. Can't wait for Klaus and Kol finding about Gwen's part in Esther's plan. Update soon.
1/26 c24 brigitm28
Welcome back and I'm glad to hear you are well!
I'm scared for Gwen and I hope she won't get too hurt before they come rescue her.
Kol feeling bored because Gwen is ignoring him is making me a little happy... Is that petty hahaha?
Yes the secret to getting what you want out of Nik... Guilt trip him about daggering you. Also he's drawing June in his sketchpad... Interesting and I'm definitely not screaming with joy now. June got a moment to show off her magic skills and I couldn't be prouder of my girl. Also more Elijah and June! Yay!
Elijah's not wrong about the charm thing... He may or may not be my favorite original. No but real talk I instantly loved him the second Rose opened that door in season 2 of TVD up until the end of season 3 of TO when he starts doing some things that I can't get behind until the finale. Talk about a character getting ruined.
The Mikaelson brothers soft spot for Rebekah is literally the sweetest part of their complicated relationship and I love when that side comes out.
I personally loved the Originals as a show so I definitely am not opposed to the Mikaelsons going to New Orleans. As for Hope I can honestly say I don't love her... I mean I like her enough but you know not a favorite.
I think Gwen is definitely starting to become not just Nik's hope but the family's just like Hope was so I don't think she would be necessary moving forward. Also I love the idea of Nik and Gwen being the epic father daughter duo. That's my long way of saying no Hope hahaha. But that does make the plot of the first two seasons of TO a little complicated... Well I guess Dahlia could come for Gwen because she's a faerie so there's season 2 hahaha. Ok now this is getting a little long so I'll stop here
1/26 c24 4UnknownReaderHasJoined
I support changing things to YOUR story and not canon, cause it. makes it's yours and it's fan fiction. it's creative writing too. so I'm down, won't change anything for me with her missing. Klaus and juniper can actually develop whatever is there, and then if it's within reasonkol and Gwen baby, perhaps. but that's only if it's possible, I'm thinking. and if kol dies, etc.

also, shame these grandparents aren't the spoiling types for their only grandchild. lmao

hopefully, Gwen can come into her own to fight back and all, cause this is a repeated kidnapping. lmao girl needs to have a future where she can avoid that. poor thing.

yea, I'm glad that I made sense in "no hope, cause we already have gwen" thought. it's totally your call though, but I like the change. and we can still gravitate into New Orleans, if that is a future plan. Gwen can meet her older adopted brother, Marcel. that's something I'm super curious about.
11/1/2021 c23 brigitm28
I'm glad I'm not the only one who appreciates Nik's fashion sense lol. And yea development of characters and relationships is important and your doing a great job at it.
June and Elijah is a duo I didn't know that I needed. Their brains together I can only imagine the plans and them making fun of Nik together. June beginning to feel comfortable around the Mikaelsons really shows her growth as a character and it's really sweet as well. And did I catch a tiny bit of jealous Klaus haha because if I did I love that. But I do enjoy Klaus and June together even if it's a little complicated, which is part of why I love them. Kol starting to feel more and more comfortable with Gwen and being able to read her is great to see, I am really liking their development. Also protective Bekah is just chefs kiss.
Gwen's going to have quite the hangover isn't she? She was really chugging it down hahaha.
Art is another Nik talent I wish we saw more of, I mean it was kinda used but not enough. Gwen and Nik doing art together is now something I need. I can just imagine them at a museum just standing in front of a painting judging it.
10/31/2021 c1 UnknownReaderHasJoined
So, I actually just considered this, but I don't think hope is necessary after Klaus has Gwen. like, I ship him and June, so pregnancy isnt necessary(can't see June being a mom like that either,idk yet). Gwen fills in that role that hope had, even more so than Marcel, really. and everything that's happening now, that would with baby hope, is just happening early via Gwen.
idk, it's interesting. Gwen is hope, just in a different manner. she Klaus being a legit dad came in a different way, he raised her from a babe, people want her or want to kill her cause she's a faerie, etc. just adjusted reasons.

just something I had thought on that made me realize, we don't need a new baby in that role. at least, my thoughts.

also, fk u Finn and Esther. ughhhhh.

I know it'll work out, but dang. still puts on the stress. and kol realizing subtle things, such as his growing feelings he's not quite sure are those yet.
10/31/2021 c23 ArtemisLuna85
Well this chapter was good. Didn't have much Gwen in it so hopefully the next chapter will be more Gwen centric since this is a story about her and her journey. I'd like to see more of Gwen's relationships with the Originals, Mystic Fall's residence, more father/daughter relationship with Klaus. Did like how Rebekah acted like a mama bear telling Kol to leave Gwen alone. More of that would be nice and more of Gwen coming into her powers and actually using them would be nice. Update soon.
10/31/2021 c23 xenocanaan
Happy Halloween! Honestly hope Gwen rips into some people, but I doubt it will actually happen at this point. Hopefully in the future! Thank you for sharing another fantastic chapter! I’m really looking forward to reading more!
9/22/2021 c22 GhostGypsy
Yay! A new chapter! I love the June/Klaus relationship build! I absolutely can’t wait until the scene where Kol finds himself in love with Gwen! Things are starting to get more interesting! I’m wondering how Gwens fairy magic will act when Ester tries to kill her children…..

9/21/2021 c22 brigitm28
Yay your back! Another great chapter as always <3
I've always loved that Nik had good taste women's clothing. It's like this small thing that I wish we could have seen more of, and the funny moments that we could've gotten out of it. I'm going to stop now cause I'm making myself too excited over something so insignificant haha.
Rebekah apologizing was also great to see because I was starting to miss their blossoming friendship and the trio of June, Gwen and Bekah.
Gwen trying to play matchmaker with Nik and June is just adorable. I mean of course she would want her two favorite people in the world to be togetherand I agree with her, they would be good together) , ugh she's so pure I love her. Also Nik's reaction to seeing his little girl dressed up just warmed my heart.
A Kol and June friendship based on their love of witchcraft... Sign me upThe developing relationship between Kol and Gwen is really well written, they aren't really friends yet but you can see them getting closer especially with Kol's flirting (which I love)
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