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for fire in the water

1/6/2021 c20 xenocanaan
Yay, everyone is awake! Now, let’s get rid of Finn and Esther ASAP! Especially Esther whom is more likely to use Gwen in some horrible way to get what she wants! I’m glad Elijah tried to remove her from the chaos that was about to happen, I wasn’t sure how that would go, but I liked how you handled it. Thanks for sharing another amazing chapter and I can’t wait to read more!
1/6/2021 c20 Guest
Great story!
1/6/2021 c18 4UnknownReaderHasJoined
To the Klaus relationship, I love it. And I’m glad it’s well-received. I do have one concern, and that’s if we’ll address her abduction. Damon drugged her, and handed her off easily. She was tortured. And when will June come back, I wonder?

It’s definitely been a ride, and I’m looking forward to her and the fam. Just hope she isn’t abducted again by Esther. Such a predictable douche move by her.
1/6/2021 c20 madiygeek
Ahhhhhhh! Really awesome writing! Please let there be something with fae having mates! I really hope she and Lol work out! Can wait for fluff moments if any.
1/5/2021 c20 UnknownReaderHasJoined
It’s a curious concept to find an answer, or solution, and create a way she can have that faerie immortality, or manipulate the human side. Or manipulate the faerie side. So, why not create a loophole for either. Something I enjoy the characters discovering in the series, like Hope.
Thinking out loud though, of course. I would say June could really help figure out her immortality issue, she’s basically a genius. And she’s been learning from Gwens blood, which she’s been given sometimes. I was actually wondering where that would go. It could be a special ace up the sleeve when the situation needs it. Something many wouldn’t expect, cause by the way you’re keeping it, no one knows about her immortality issue, or thinking about it when it’s repeated. Until it’s really out in the open. Would be interesting if she could do some dark magic to give her immortality? Esther did it, which can be seen as IMPOSSIBLE. Though I still hate her. Lmao The Queen Q-something, Silas ex, created immortals. There could be more to June’s power. And Gwen is a powerful faerie, if just half, such as their blood, as everyone keeps saying, has so much power and potential. And being that faeries are Natures children, favored even. They could make an exception. Like something traumatic happens, she maybe dies momentarily being a hero to her dad, or severely weakened, and they give her immortality or become a full-fledged faerie, especially since there’s literally no more. Idk, I just find it easier to find solutions.
1/5/2021 c20 brigitm28
I love the shock that characters get when they realize our sweet and pure Gwen was raised by the big bad wolf, it's honestly kinda funny. I really enjoyed the Elijah and Gwen talk in this chapter, it's such a natural way to bring them closer since Elijah isn't really around after the drama after the ball for additional bonding. I'm actually surprised that he called her by her nickname and not her full one, but him willing to call her by her nickname makes me kind of happy like he can tell that she's going to be important to him so he calls her by ty he name she prefers. And great first impression Kol haha. I can't wait to see how Kol escapes Klaus' anger with that. Also will Hope be apart of your story because I would love to see protective big sister Gwen.
1/5/2021 c19 Guest
So I was wondering if Gwen is a mortal and can’t be turned into a vampire because she’s half-fae how will it affect or impact her relationship with Kol in the future. Is there a way Kol can take the cure or become human/witch again? How will they face the immortality obstacle?
1/5/2021 c19 UnknownReaderHasJoined
I love it! Hopefully you’ve time to post the next soon, assuming it’s the mentioned kol introduction.
1/4/2021 c8 UnknownReaderHasJoined
Having a humans life span is gonna be an issue if she’s gonna be with Kol, much less living with immortals.
12/27/2020 c19 Guest
CJ/OddBall: Gah So CLOSE! :( If she thinks "Original family was sculpted like a Greek deity with such beautiful features" just wait til she meets Kol. XD
12/22/2020 c19 GhostGypsy
I’m honestly so curious about what Gwen will paint. I’m not sure if it will become important or not but I’m interested! So many questions for this chapter, but I’ll just eagerly wait for next chapter and just pray that the meeting between Gwen and Kol happens soon!
12/22/2020 c19 Guest
I’m so excited you updated! The chapter was amazing as usual. I can’t wait for for the famous Salvatore/Mikaelson dinner and the meeting between Gwen and Kol and the original family. I’m wondering how Klaus will present Gwen to his family and what their reactions will be especially Kol. Looking forward to more cute father/daughter moments between Gwen and Nik. I can’t wait for the Mikaelson Ball!
12/22/2020 c19 xenocanaan
Thank you for sharing another amazing chapter! I’m really excited to see how things change! I can’t wait to read more!
12/22/2020 c19 brigitm28
I love seeing Klaus so desperate for her forgiveness, it definitely shows how his relationship with her is so important to him and their bet was actually adorable. Oh and since Kol is well versed in magic will their bonding be him helping her with her magic cause that would be amazing. Gwen also met Elijah again and I'm excited to see them bond as well, they're going to have an older brother younger sister dynamic I assume? And I just realized that Gwen and Kol have somethings in common with Rebekah and Marcel... Klaus raised an orphan as his own and then they get into relationships with his younger siblings, I mean I'm sure someone has already made this connection but I just have to laugh... We're so close to Kol getting undaggered and I'm getting really excited
11/5/2020 c18 GhostGypsy
I’m literally vibrating with excitement! I’m loving that Gwen is starting to come into her own. Seeing Klaus’s soft side with her just melts me. I can not wait until the rest of the originals are undaggered! Amazing as usual ️

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