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for fire in the water

10/31/2020 c18 Guest
Poor Klaus dealing with grumpy Gwen, looking forward to seeing what his ‘grovelling’ will entail. Hoping when Kol’s undaggered he’ll poke fun at domestic Klaus (or the closest you can get with Klaus.).
10/30/2020 c18 DawnDream9435
I was actually expecting klaroline, but it's okay, I also saw it coming with June. Ad always I love your work
10/29/2020 c18 brigitm28
Unpopular opinion... I don't ship Klaus and Caroline... I think that if they got together they wouldn't work out... Anyway great chapter I really like seeing the really kind side of Gwen because she's just adorable, it just shows how Klaus raised her. I'm surprised that Klaus didn't tell her that he had siblings considering how close they... I mean not about the sad and violent stuff but the family stuff. I can't wait for all of the siblings to be undaggered and meet Gwen... I feel like that's going to be fun.
10/29/2020 c6 chimera629
Wonder why nick couldn't catch Katherine and stephan sent at gloria's bar especially if his sense of smell match's a wolfs.
Dissapointed Stephan's still alive and that klaus seems so cannon
10/29/2020 c5 chimera629
Why didn't they compell him to get the information they needed and then kill him
10/29/2020 c4 chimera629
Hopefully your Klaus does the smart thing and kills Stephan and Katherine
10/29/2020 c18 xenocanaan
In this situation it is easy to see the parent/rebelling-teenager relationship. That said it is obvious the two love and adore each other in a way that isn’t obvious with the original family. We already have seen how that dynamic influenced Rebekah, even at her angriest she acknowledged that there was true familial love between the two, so I’m quite excited to see how the other originals feel and think. As for my previous review, I would be all for the complete annihilation of the Salvatore brothers, but I doubt that’s going to happen. So just some powerful, long lasting, and impactful consequences to their idiocy would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for another phenomenal chapter! I can’t wait to read more!
10/19/2020 c17 Guest
I love it! Gwen slapped Elena lol! For real, Elena has had it coming for some time though, someone had to put her in her place. Rebekah would be so proud of her and I kind of feel that Klaus is too in that moment. Hope Bekah finds out Gwen defended her and feels guilty for drugging her. Can’t wait for the next chapter, hope Nik and Gwen make up soon and can’t wait for the Salvatore/Originals dinner scene. Hope Gwen is included in that one. It would make it even better!
10/15/2020 c17 xenocanaan
Thank you for another fantastic chapter! I’m curious to see how closely you stickcto the original material and how far you will deviate as things go along. Personally, I hope we get some major deviation when it comes to things such as thebSalvatore brothers. I hope to read more soon!
10/14/2020 c17 CircleIsBroken
Okay, I'll be honest, I'm a normal Elena hater, and I really liked Gwen. But she seriously pissed me off in this chapter. She slapped Elena and gave her this rant of hurting Rebekah's feelings, like, no Gwen does not get the freaking moral high ground. Klaus killed Jenna's aunt for the ritual, sacrificed Elena which in turn sacrificed John, attempted to run over her brother while making him take off his ring which temporarily killed Alaric, then tortured Alaric with the hybrid compelling the medics away, used Elena as his personal blood bag and just all around attempted to make everyone in Mystic Falls' life hell. Gwen only is upset with Klaus because of him not undaggering his siblings. She is on Klaus' side for everything else. She, June and Rebekah literally forced theirselves into the Salvatore's home, free of rent. And Gwen rants about what, them using her as bait and hurting Rebekah's feelings? Seriously, I adored Gwen, your story, and your viewpoints, but she really needs to grow up, at this point, Gwen is being childish. Your hate for cannon Elena is really bleeding into your story, Gwen is changing the relationships around her. This rant of hers only drove me away.
9/22/2020 c16 4Lavendor Queen
I’m so happy that Klaus and Gwen are reunited and honestly? I’m kinda pissed at Rebekah for betraying Gwen and putting her in this situation. She almost DIED! I hope Klaus gets slight revenge for that or that Gwen just doesn’t hang out with her as often or something (even though she won’t as she’s such a sweet girl). I’m so excited for Gwen and Kol though!
9/22/2020 c16 Guest
Oh my god! She called him Dad! I love this so much. I hope she starts calling him by this title a bit more as the story progresses bc Klaus is for all intents and purposes her father. He raised her despite not being biologically his own child and adores her. I live for moments like this. I completely understand why he wouldn’t want many of his possible enemies overhearing how close their relationship and bond is. Hopefully she can call him “Dad” more in private or between the Originals family.
9/22/2020 c16 xenocanaan
Poor Gwen! Klaus really shouldn’t have let Stefan free and I hope Damon ends up dying for what he did. I mean the entire group never once thought things through in a way that made any amount of sense. Thank you for the fantastic chapter and I can’t wait to read more!
9/22/2020 c16 ArtemisLuna85
Oh how I loved Gwen calling Klaus "dad." Man did I hate Damon and Elena in this chapter. Glad Elena got her arm injured and Damon almost got his heart ripped out of his chest. Poor Rebekah getting stabbed after all, she should have knocked out Elena. Anyways great chapter. Can't wait to read more. Update soon.
9/3/2020 c15 Guest
I would love to see more Klaus/young Gwen flashbacks. It would be interesting to see the origin of how he came upon Gwen’s mother and how he decided to raise Gwen as a baby and eventually a toddler. These flashbacks you’ve shown are such beautiful and precious moments they’ve had and cherish. I love how this new version is about Klaus being a more parental/father figure to our dear Gwen. I can’t wait for her and Kol to meet. Klaus is going to be soo protective!
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