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1/23 c72 8ThanosofTitan
Interesting how you seem to be implying that Ruby's misanthropy is a side effect of the Fall Maiden powers combined with her silver eyes, rather than something caused by Kirakishou. That still doesn't let her off the hook, though, as Kira was definitely still manipulating her and did absolutely nothing to discourage her misanthropic attitude, even egging her on (i.e. telling her that other people are just toys for her to manipulate).

If Ruby chooses to go back to Kirakishou now, I'm going to be very disappointed, especially if they just resume their relationship the same way it ended, without learning or gaining any new perspectives or something.
1/22 c72 firagadam
Yeeees the chips are coming down, I didnt expect whitley to be the next host, and I cant wait for rwby to break even more!

Time to see if she will have the resolve to be a hero till the end
1/22 c72 Argorok
Excellent chapter, please update again with soon. Ruby is very close to break, I wonder what she will do next chapter? Kirakishou is also going to find Ruby very soon and I wonder how Ruby will react to that? I can’t wait to see what comes next.
1/4 c71 GG725
I want to see Ruby and Kirakishou back together as I really love their interactions with each other and their plans. I'm actually currently rereading the story in order to see(read) their scenes together.
Anyway I hope you know that I REALLY LOVE this story and would like to see more of it.
1/3 c71 ThanosofTitan
Despite what Ruby says, it seems that she's become a full-blown villain now. Her teammates may not have acted in the most prudent way addressing her, but it seems that Weiss is right that she's too far gone to reason with anymore.

And the last thing we need is Kirakishou getting her hands on any more relics.
1/1 c71 Argorok
Excellent chapter, please keep up the good work. Loos like Ruby isn’t mentally stable at the moment and is attacking everyone in sight now. Kirakishou is now going to retrieve the Relic of Creation from Atlas to get to Ruby. Can’t wait to see what happens next.
12/15/2022 c65 Le Faye - Witch of Chaos
EDIT: Had to make this one another chappie, didn'y know they only allowed one per.


Yang isn't a villain by any means, but she isn't acting like a hero nor a huntress should. Just like in the show the main cast had to get used to the not very ideal (for them and their fragility) reality that huntsman and huntresses would indeed need to take human lives, Yang in this fic needs to understand that her perspective isn't necessarily the only perspective nor the right perspective. She needs to learn to step back and examine things from more angles than just the one her tunnel vision leads her to.

The others ideally should be stopping this reckless behaviour, but in their haste and desire to get Ruby back they seem keen on enabling it. As for Kira and Ruby's relationship, I can see two sides of the divide here. Kira would undoubtedly be willing to destroy the world for the sake of her love, but the route the heroes are taking to separate them could very well lead to both Kira AND Ruby turning against them and causing far more damage than the alternative could ever result in.

I honestly don't see the author villainizing Yang here, merely showing more than one perspective namely Yang's. By actually revealing Yang's more risky personality traits, we begin to see how she could cause problems later on down the line. This level of nuance is actually better off to be in a story such as this.

As for empathizing with Yang, as for me personally I'm far more torn than some here seem to be. Because while I can see and understand her perspective "Kira absolutely does not love you, no matter what or how" is NOT how you defuse a situation like that. Ruby is currently fragile and being bombarded mentally on all sides, and Yang's hostile words have just as much effect on her potentially snapping in the future as Kira's possessive goading.

It's really not a case of "rooting for the villain" so much as being able to step back and see the more destructive qualities of the method Yang and the others are taking here. As I posted in part 1 of my review, they don't even seem to be aware of what their daring raid of Kira' palace has sentenced the entirety of Vale to. And now that Kira's anchor is untethered from Remnant, they have no way to get them back and rescue them unless Kira somehow makes it back without consuming them.

So really, it's a case of being able to see both the "villain faction" and the "hero faction" from multiple angles and not be blinded by rose-tinted glasses from either side. As it stands, while I'm likely biased against what stances certain other users are taking in regards to which side the favour I'm not a fool. Even I can see and admit that Kira isn't the good guy here. But there are worse fates than what she can dish out alone, and we can see them coming to fruition right here and now. I'm a very wary person, and I refuse to ignore that.
12/15/2022 c70 Le Faye - Witch of Chaos
You know, I just came to a rather sobering realization on the "heroes" behalf. Do they even realize the potential ramifications of what they've done? I was following the Atlas/Council PoV and recall them mentioning how Kirakishou's palace disappearing off the face of Remnant following it being untethered brought the physical form of Vale and all the souls she'd captured along with it.

Specifically, I wonder what the Ruby Rescue Squad's reactions will be when they realize just what the removal of Kira's palace means for the poor, unfortunate souls she took with it. Souls that they have just about damned, I unno if Kira can consume them to force a metaphysical return to Remnant via brute force but whatever their fate it will no doubt be gruesome.

I wonder if our local band of "righteous heroes" will be horrified and own up to what they've done. Or perhaps (and, honestly from what I've seen of them; especially Yang in particular I favour this outcome as most likely) they will buckle down, and self-righteously deny and and all culpability to foist all responsibility on Kira instead. Because, like it or not their actions are a contributor to Vale's population being in the position it's in right now.

As a side note (and this is honestly not related directly to you author, not entirely anyway), to the user ThanosofTitan why exactly do you seem to be hate-reading this fic? Personally, I see the fact that KiraxRuby being a feature pairing (likely endgame due to the fact it's still up and labeled) and the fact it's called "Paved by Good Intentions" to be rather self-defeating and think it may be better to quit while you're ahead to avoid potential disappointment and disgust later.

A theory of mine, is that the particular choice of title is actually in reference to what Yang and company's actions will result in based on the events of the story and subtext so far. Ruby and Kira's intentions can't really be called "good" more like selfish, and more so in the case of Kira selfish to the point of complete lack of care for other's wellbeing. Yang and the others, however seem hellbent on bludgeoning past everything that isn't "get my sister/our teammate and friend back" without considering the consequences of what that may result in. While Yang comes off as someone thoroughly unpleasant in this fic, I will admit that her intent is at least admirable.

However, this story seems to be heading down "Good guys screw up Remnant and make everything worse in their attempts to fix Ruby's situation" when fact of the matter is Ruby is at least in a certain sense already lost to them. At the very least, she has changed irreparably and the old Ruby they once knew isn't going to return fully intact. I dislike how some are trying to imply that Kira is straight up mind-whammying Ruby into loving her. It didn't come off that way to me, more so that Kira was using empathic powers to strengthen the infatuation that was already there.
12/11/2022 c70 ThanosofTitan
Ruby is really a sociopath at this point. I hope it's not too late to undo the alterations that Kirakishou made to her personality. I also find it interesting that she and Shinku are getting along. I'd like to hear some of their conversations. Also, where are the other Rozen Maidens in this? Shouldn't they be fighting too?
12/11/2022 c70 Argorok
Excellent chapter, please update again soon. So Ruby’s new weapon is a greatsword, I guess it makes sense considering how huge Crescent Rose was. What will Ruby name her new weapon? Can’t wait to see what comes next.
11/21/2022 c69 ThanosofTitan
This chapter doesn't make that much sense. I thought the crown could only give random visions relating to choices the user would have to make in the future. Also, if she can see so many possible futures so effectively, shouldn't she know that Ruby has lost her memory and would no longer recognize her? I also don't get why she couldn't put Salem in her N-field normally, but she was able to trap her using Judica and Maudlin.

TBH I was rooting for Salem to win, even though I knew she wouldn't. She seems like the lesser of two evils to me - her ultimate intentions may be worse than Kira's, but she doesn't really have the ability to accomplish them any time soon, and if she had defeated Kirakishou, that would effectively return Remnant to its status quo.

Kirakishou's new outfit and weapons sound interesting, it would be nice to see a picture of them.

Also I hope Shinku and the others can come up with a plan, as things are now, they don't stand a chance.
11/21/2022 c69 Argorok
Excellent chapter, please update again soon. So the preparations are complete for Kirakishou to find Ruby again. Impressive that Kirakishou defeated Salem and has the Relic of Choice. I can’t wait to see what happens next.
11/15/2022 c5 Rairi Valelira
10/30/2022 c68 ThanosofTitan
Wait, did Winter just imply that they tested a bunch of weapons against Kanaria? Why would Winter be okay with that, considering that she and Kanaria are friends?

I loved the characterization of Suigintou too. I wish she had taken out her own sword as well to fight Winter.

It seems that, even with her memories of Kirakishou gone, Ruby's personality still has the twisted, cruel and murderous traits that she developed, which is a bad sign. I hope they're keeping a careful guard over her, in case she fully regains her memories and goes on a rampage.

I want to see Ruby confront the other Rozen Maidens, and they should tell her more about Kirakishou and what she did in her own world, and how dangerous she is. That could help her get some perspective.
10/30/2022 c68 Argorok
Excellent chapter, please update again soon.
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