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12/19/2019 c3 68Xemtlenc
Ah ok, madness now

At least that answers my question for Weiss & Blake, sort of. It's not really ntr yet but it's getting closer.
12/19/2019 c2 Xemtlenc
So they will take this path, it will irreparably break more than one heart... now the question is whether Weiss is playing with Ruby & Blake or it is Weiss & Blake playing with Ruby's heart.

In short, Ruby is in a position to accept any request from Weiss.
12/19/2019 c1 Xemtlenc
Ah ok, I thought where was the ntr but finally yes, must read well until the end. Yes, ok, it starts quiet, on the other hand, we know it will end badly. Little disappointment that it does not happen in the World of Remnant, it could have been interesting to see how things are going.
12/19/2019 c3 5Combine117
I am feeling really uncomfortable.

But after I read the recent review about the tone of this story, I kind of understand.
12/10/2019 c2 Ember228
I'll be blunt when I say so far I enjoy the story. It's got a dark tone. Characters filled with lust and cheating and then feeling guilty. The story had lots of potential. It seems weiss and ruby will have a difficult time in terms of a relationship and I enjoy the struggle and heart break. Watching a character fall apart and then later watching them out themselves back together. Theres a lot of potential for Ruby's character to be shattered and rebuilt so to speak. On one hand weiss is breaking her heart and on another pyrha seems to be lusting after ruby hard but ruby doesnt seem like she feels the same for pyrha .
The point is I enjoy the darkness the story seems to hold it's a nice change over sunshine and rainbows I usually get in the stories I read.
12/10/2019 c2 Combine117

12/9/2019 c1 BlackKrow
So, I'm gonna be honest, I liked this until I got to the end. The end part where Weiss is reading the text from Blake and sending a text back pretty much killed my interest, sorry. Hope others might like it though.
12/9/2019 c1 8Master Kosa
WTF? nope do not want.
12/9/2019 c1 8IanAlphaAxel
Great story!

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