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for The New Age of His Reign

1/1/2020 c3 anonymouscsifan
I know it's a story but for a moment I just wanted to hug Godric and Eric. This will be interesting. I can't wait for more! Happy New Year!
12/30/2019 c2 anonymouscsifan
...while Godric is off somewhere severely depressed I am guessing *sigh*. I look forward to seeing where this goes!
12/24/2019 c1 anonymouscsifan sad...but sweet at the same time. It almost reminds me of Highlander when Connor's wife Heather got old. I look forward to more!
12/10/2019 c1 KarmaBites
please tell us that it is all a dream, that you did not let her get old and pruney. that Godric would change her at some point... or maybe that she would be reborn soon and so Godric would not turn suicidal again...

I'm begging you to tell us that, it was just Godric's nightmare, and you did not intend to continue this PRUNEY GRANNY / GODRIC THE VAMPIRE TEENAGE BOY erotica writing.

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