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for King's Ashes

10/9/2020 c1 2LunaBianca
This is a fascinating study of grief. Like how being in the lab is healing for Peter and how the same hurts Rhodey. Also, it's interesting to consider how experiences shape AIs like Karen and FRIDAY.

Yay for a mostly happy ending! :)
5/2/2020 c1 5Lord Xantos A. Fowl
Very sweet. With your other fics I expected multi chapter but this did the job and hit me right in the emotions, like all of them
2/5/2020 c1 A.U. Writer
*Crying Face* It's all the dust i swear!
12/11/2019 c1 felinewolf
I have read a bunch of your stories and they are all soooooo well written. This gave me chills, especially with the way you showed exactly how hard grief can be. The way you showed exactly how a death can affect someone was realistic. Just wanted you to know I think you’re amazing!
12/11/2019 c1 2D72
I like it, but I feel like maybe Peter should have been taking on more, like, in this one they win without taking Iron Man off the board, and while that's my preferred outcome, I never had to sign the checks marvel did. :P

Kind of like the end of CW, when Rhodey and Mr. Stank do the physio and the robot legs, maybe Peter could go hard on the science? I mean he is one of the smartest people in Marvel.
12/10/2019 c1 1Cemalidor
Ok, since i'm prolly one of the few People who didn't see anything after Black Panther i'm in kinda unique Position not knowing the film aside the pieces you can hardly avoid. The Fics is really nicely written with a thick/heavy atmosphere which goes with the territory.
12/10/2019 c1 2Account B-145347
you could've developped the 5 years more, but i like it overall
12/10/2019 c1 8The Keeper of Worlds
12/10/2019 c1 Elspeth7
Excellently done!
12/10/2019 c1 Druto
Hey Gwen , personally I don't like the current Spiderman , last two were awesome , but Tom Holland just doesn't get there you know.
BUT awesome story , super loved it and Harley man I so missed that guy , when they show him at Tony's funeral in movie , I couldn't recognise him , but this was a really good story. I LOVE it.
12/10/2019 c1 wolftatto
Great story wish you could write a mini sequel to Tony learning about Peter's life after the snap.

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