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10/14 c2 booiii123
please continue :)
10/2 c2 Consultant
The beginning of your story is a bit underwhelming
9/25 c2 4Zimzimgar
I like this. I‘m excited for when and if we‘ll get an explanation on exactly what happened, but even if not, I‘m pretty sure I‘ll keep reading of you keep this up (and hopefully update again in the near future), now onto the more detailed stuff.

First off, your writing of Gaaras character is really good, I don‘t know from which point in the timeline Gaara disappeared, but you should think about it. Because there is quite some character development, with Shukaku getting extracted, how he acted at the Kage Conference, how he changed as commander of the Shinobi Alliance, his kind of reunion with Shukaku later in the war, and probably most importantly the confrontation with his father, him acknowledging him, allowing Gaara to reflect on the past and all that. So if you decide to continue this, I think that is a major point you‘ll have to take into consideration.

Regarding Ma‘am. A damn good job at showing just how cruel society is to quirkless people or people who are deemed to have useless/villainous quirks, and how that can warp their character and actions. A lot of people use Toga when trying to showcase this, with her bloodlust being closely tied to her quirk, but this does an excellent job with it. You can feel that Ma‘am actually thought she was doing the children a favor, I can‘t exactly pinpoint why I think that, but I think it is because she remained in the building wanting to die as well, actually being angry at being rescued, as well as her conversation with Gaara. A really good portrayal. Also nice conflict you brought about between her OCD (I assume) and his Sand „quirk“(is it a quirk or does he still have chakra?).

Regarding that conversation between Ma‘am and Gaara. I love how it was basically a flip around of how Naruto convinced Gaara, although Gaara was less succesfull(? We don‘t know, we don‘t know what happened to Ma‘am after all). I suspect you did that on purpose because it is far too similar for a coincidence, and doing this was a really good choice, giving him the chance to reflect on what he wants to do, and bringing me to my most important point (in my opinion).

The scar. It is one of the most essential, if not the most essential, part of Gaaras character, because it represents his understanding of love, that changed throughout the story of Naruto. And here again it changed, that was a brilliant opportunity you created and used. With this I can see Gaara becoming not only a hero that fights and brings in Villains, but also tries his best to consul others, and with his past he would probably be one of the people who support reforming former villains, in his case because he knows it is possible, even if they are really nasty, because he was able to reform and change.

There is so much potential in here. I hope you continue writing this, because I can‘t wait for more.
9/2 c1 thesaddestboibo
I really like your story and I hope that one day you'll come back and update it.
8/8 c2 samuelcaldeira76gmail.com
Thanks for the chapter hope you update the story soon again would like to read more
My vote
parents- midnight
pairing- kendo itsuka
7/30 c2 1Not-Quite-Old Man
So about the questions at the end...

I think his name should be either Shukaku or Sabaku to honor his past life, that or something along those lines...albeit I'm terrible with names so what do I know.

For the class that he sould be in, it would really depend on two things. One: do you as a writer want to follow the canon timeline more or create one for class 1-b (as they had less villain fights and such) and Two: Who do you plan on pairing Gaara with since while it is still reasonable that he could get with someone from a different class, you would still have to explain how the two met and how their relationship works if you were to pair him with someone from a different class since they would have to go out of their way to meet regularly.

Now... with Sand Hero Snatch, that is actually kinda neat. Gaara being adopted by someone else who can use sand would be kinda cool. ...now the question would then be if he could control Snatch when he was sand or not... if he can't then that would be quite the duo in the future. If he can... that might cause a lot of accidents depending on how Snatch's powers work.

Although I'm not entirely sure how helpful this is right now because of the current timeline but oh well!
6/24 c2 pimenova
now you have to continue this stuff!
6/22 c1 Guest
Meh, it's always the good ones that get abandoned.
6/19 c2 6MrLogic
Hope update this again
6/11 c2 Sparkysbro
My only real qualm is the fact that Gaara was one of the most powerful ninja of his generation, and the fact that he was Kazekage meant that he had to be incredibly skilled as well. It's a little hard for me to believe that he'd have issues with, well, just about anything.
6/8 c2 Adriaus Nighthunter
Hey this is interesting
5/29 c2 SlothDGod
Oh, good, decisions are not finalized. I vote for Midoriya family adoption and... uhm... Ashido pairing.
Ooh! But I do have a few Hero Names!
(1) Desert Hero: Terraclad
(2) Untouchable Hero: Sand Meister
(3) Nomad Hero: Dune
You could probably switch those names around, honestly.
5/26 c2 VoidWolfie27
I’m really excited for the next chapter. I hope Gaara gets paired with Shoto and I had thought up Gaara’s hero persona before I had started reading- Desert hero, Shukaku. I don’t really know why I came up with it but I thought it’d be nice.
5/23 c2 The ChocoGoat
Awww such a good baby (づ。‿‿。)づ
5/12 c2 Neroquin
Love it! Hate to ask this, but ever plan on continuing this? It has a lot of potential.
Really like how you started off with something that wasn't the main story, and how you have OC characters who are actually enjoyable to read about.
If this will ever continue, I'm looking forward to what you're gonna do with sand guy!
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