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4/16 c12 Blaze1992
Very interesting fic I really look forward to seeing where it goes, though quick question here.

Earlier we saw her making a building that housed certain capes in stasis along with old water hazard there. My question is this could she make it to where the stasis is a room that keeps the "relic's" out of time but still able to move and talk?

It's just a random thought that if she could, this building would be a far better and moral version of the bird-cage.
3/14 c12 Imperial Guard 1337
I love this story! It's funny AND has a lot of potential!
3/3 c12 mwjen
Great story, thanks for posting.
3/1 c12 1Jctherebel
This is very cool, can’t wait for the update
2/28 c12 2CMVreud
Wonderful. And as this is one of the very few crossovers that I like and whose story doesn't suck...
I NEED MOAR. I need my fix. Please!
2/28 c8 CMVreud
Awww~ Taylor. The writer is a meanie, there was just missing a little 'all' and the last sentence would've been epic.
2/27 c12 Guest
I love this fic! Happy to hear you've found a way to get into a flow!
2/25 c12 wanderingwitchelaine
that's was fun great chapter
2/24 c12 AnimeA55Kicker
Tats in a skintight cat suit. Nice.
2/24 c12 anthonym3
This was a pleasure to read. Taylor is starting to flush out her te-dynasty. The hilarity which will ensue shall be glorious.

Please update soon. I am excited about where you will go next.
2/24 c12 2Jack Inqu
Heh, looks like Taylor and Lisa are going to have an interesting dynamic in this story. Hopefully Lisa will be able to adapt to things as time goes by.

Take care, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to your next update.
2/24 c12 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
abit confused as though why lisa was afraid if she did not belive taylors explanation about her ability's and the voice in her head
lisa's ability should have told her its not tinker tech so taylor should be telling the truth ?
2/24 c12 4tf330129
Keep it up :)
2/24 c12 Kushiban
It's Alive !
It has Risen !

Knowing it's Necron, that's kind of logic ...

(Happy to ear about that story again :))
2/24 c12 20Lexarius
Always fun to see Tattletale on the back foot and in no risk of being hurt.

I have no problem with dialogue heavy chapters, as long as the story advances, so, no problem here.
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