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for Chili and the Chocolate Factory: Fudge Revelation

7/14 c6 norimori1992outlook.com
Wow. That was real enough that I can't help but wonder if it was based on a real conversation. (On another topic, presumably.)
7/14 c5 norimori1992outlook.com
Chili's unabashed, unapologetic resentment towards everyone and everything and especially other people's happiness is delicious.
7/14 c2 norimori1992outlook.com
"Fay L. Yurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" was the moment I realized that the Roald Dahl whimsy was making its presence felt. And boy did it ever! Wow. I personally have mixed feelings about Roald Dahl's brand of whimsy, but I'm very impressed at how well you've captured it. All I'll say against it is that it's very jarring in contrast with the first chapter, which comparatively had almost none. So it felt like it went from 0 to 100 so quickly that I got whiplash.

My only other point of complaint is that Chili wasn't in this chapter. The rest is all good:

The Jewel family scene was great. Fun satire/social commentary(?). I actually laughed when I got to "She was vaping." Good stuff. (And I just looked up the name "Mahuika" and I see that it's the name of a Māori fire deity. Neat!)

I'm very intrigued by that mystery woman with the blue kiss. I'm now wondering if I have to reread the actual books in order to fully appreciate everything that's happening.

Loved the first scene, it reminds me of the beginning of the movie, where absolutely everyone becomes a hilariously terrible human being in an effort to get a ticket. This was a good deal more brutal, but I was prepared for that based on the first scene of the first chapter.

And lastly, "well if politics involved more magic internet candy riddles made by reclusive billionaire inventor kings maybe people would be more inclined to care" is a very good sentence. I like that sentence very much.
7/14 c1 norimori1992outlook.com
That was fascinating. I have a fondness for fan fictions that propel an old fictional world into the present day, and for in-universe retrospectives on the canon and the intervening period. I think you've done a good job on both so far; it's how I would want to write it if I were doing something similar. And lastly I really enjoy Chili's character.

(Oh, and JUROR was fun. I rank conceptual art on three tiers, and I would place JUROR's in the middle tier: "Some merit ('I can sort of appreciate that' or 'That's interesting')".)
6/19 c23 Guest
I just binged this. It's amazing. I hate the pun. I love it. Bless you for writing this the work you put in was incredible
6/1 c23 Ronfar
Just finished it. 80000 words of delicious Dahl-flavored insanity ending on a ridiculous pun. (I love feghoots.) Bravo!
4/16 c1 LBJ
I stumbled upon this work randomly about a year ago because I had recently rewatched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, so I went to its catagory on fanfiction dot net expecting nothing but shit, found this on the first page of recently updated (pretty sure it was up to the third to last chapter), and clicked on it because the description was kind of interesting. Honestly I was just going to skim through the first chapter and then ditch it, but I ended up really invested in the story from the beginning and I kept reading until I was caught up, just powered through the whole thing in one night. I love this story, I think its hilarious and really unique, like its a great sequel to the original and in a way it transcends it, its by far the best thing I've read on this site. I feel like its really stuck with me and I think about this story at least once a month since I've read it, so I wanted to say thanks for writing it, and I hope you keep on writing because you're pretty talented at it.
2/8 c22 saddestsad
So you never needed audience participation.
2/8 c16 saddestsad
I forgot what happened in the Glass Elevator. I just know people aged in reverse.
2/6 c7 saddestsad
oh dang
12/19/2020 c22 5Perfect Carnage
The gag is finished? Oh you infinite prankster!
10/2/2020 c22 WHY
My life is suffering
8/11/2020 c23 hjgz89
This story read like a mixture of Charlie and the chocolate factory and Warren Ellis's Croocked little vein.
The human was just as bizarre and off beat as Ellis, but I just don't find it a good combination with Dahl's work.
This story is just not for me.
5/23/2020 c22 gryfft
This is one of the best things I have ever read. Also, I want to throw things at the author.
5/23/2020 c22 Guest
"Rational, but not strictly."
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