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for Chili and the Chocolate Factory: Fudge Revelation

5/22/2020 c21 1awesomeideas
Fudging your rules, Chili realizes what he must do.

"Mahuika! Vape and kill Chetan!"
5/22/2020 c21 Kusoro
An excellent story. The density of puns per cubic centimeter/metre is insane, and the lore is delightfully surreal, yet makes sense in a weird way. At no point of the story could I've guessed where it would go next, but it still managed to be engaging and fun, and maintained the feeling of underlying structure to it.

I don't believe the riddle at the end has any actual bearing on the story, but here it goes anyway:
Chili should ask Mahuika to just vape, and do nothing else. The explanation is that by performing the only action she naturally does, she would be truly one-dimensional, and fickle pickle will finally accept her, hopefully stopping the end of the world. Or maybe just the world, since it got what it wanted out of it
5/22/2020 c21 Kallelin
Mahuika, vape the vinegar solution and abstract.
5/22/2020 c21 dot71
Chili tackles Keerthi to prevent her from speaking.

"Mahuika, vape then say 'Mahuika, vape then say' then say the correct solution."

Chili says the quotation marks aloud so there's no ambiguity.
5/22/2020 c1 wadapan
Mahuika, vape and read further instructions at /a/GXi5GEf

Chetan, you may not be able to save the world, but there's no fun dying on an empty stomach
5/22/2020 c21 wadapan
Mahuika, vape and click this link for further instructions /a/GXi5GEf

Chetan, you may not be able to save the world, but there's no fun in dying on an empty stomach
5/22/2020 c21 LokiOdinevich
Mahuika, vape and ask the readers to write a fanfiction. The characters have enough clues to figure out they're inside a story, from the previous conversation about one-dimensional characters and playable characters, and this is the explanation given.
5/22/2020 c21 2The Defense Professor
Chili: explain that truncation is a hack plot device that seems to work in this GAG for some reason, say "Makuika: vape and" and hope the probability space finds the right solution.
5/21/2020 c21 masterax
So, if I'm understanding this properly, the world will end if Mahuika doesn't fix it somehow? This means that she won't be able to vape anymore, right? Maybe if Chilli tells her that, it will give her the motivation to figure out what to do all by herself?

Other than that, I've been going over the last few chapters. Whatever the revelation is, it is not obvious to me. So instead, here's a list of said in the Reddit thread that I think might work. Copy/pasting them here considering that you specifically said they should be submitted as reviews, and that would be a silly thing to lose over- not that I necessarily think you would do something so petty, but why risk it?:

"Mahuika, vape and die. " (A character who is dead, necessarily, has only that one character trait. And this one sort of makes sense for Chilli to say.)

"Mahuika, vape and save the world. " (It is maybe possible that she can do things using information she doesn't have, considering her one-dimensionality?)

"Mahuika, vape and say the punchline. " (Because that would end the gag, of course. )

"Mahuika, vape and fulfill the formula. " (Pretty much the same logic as "save the world" if I'm understanding this right.)

"Mahuika, vape and Ask the pickle why you vape. " (because this is her only other character trait, once she knows it, she won't want to know anymore, and so will be one-dimensional.)

"Mahuika, vape and eat the pickle. " (The vape pen is chlorine-flavored. So eating sodium could make salt. Or something. I'll be honest, I didn't really understand this one.)
5/21/2020 c21 Diamond Grouping
Mahuika: Vape and use the vinegar solution to abstract and tell the pickle to stop.

This will work because the pickle wants a one-dimensional character, and Mahuika was selected using the formula - the problem was just that it was Bucket who talked to the pickle in abstraction, which confused it.
5/21/2020 c20 Bayesian
Wow, that was an amazing, clever, hilarious story.
5/19/2020 c2 4Neirdae
What acid trip is this?
5/19/2020 c20 15Gs33022
Wow. Another incredible chapter, Remy! I loved all the references to Roald Dahl's stories, such as Esio Trot, The Witches, The Minpins, Royal Jelly, The BFG, The Great Automatic Grammatizator, and more! As I said in our PM, you obviously know your lore, and it comes in handy especially in chapters like this one. I also loved the appearance of Mike Teavee. Keep up the great work!
5/18/2020 c20 125Atarya QueenofEgypt
Amazing. I'm glad you mentioned Mike Teavee. Update soon and please can we do a story together? Please PM me back when you get this. Thanks.
5/15/2020 c19 Guest
"with a one Marama margin of error" - Mahuika is Mr. Fantasticer Fox Confirmed?
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