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for My Hero Academia: Mega Izuku

12/16/2020 c3 Darkjackal248
This is really good. Can’t wait to see how far you’ll go with this.
12/15/2020 c3 Locothehood
please tell me there will be more?
12/12/2020 c3 Guest
This is quality writing
12/7/2020 c1 Akuma-Heika
I think it would be more accurate to say greedy than picky, since it is allowing him to have both quirks which share a trait. Picky means it is more restrictive not less on what it takes (considering MM loses access to the weapons of the previous game, it likely has a limit of some kind [at least by game logic]).

12/7/2020 c3 Dorben
14 years old btw. 15 when they would start high school. They don't start high school at 16.
11/30/2020 c3 Shin
Is it wrong that I keep humming the Megaman Battle Network theme in my head the entire time I read chapters for this fic? Cause outside of Megaman 11 it's very rare for Megaman's arms to change into different weapons, usually just a color change that goes along with his main color scheme for that weapon. In Megaman Battle Network and Star Force however using battle chips to change Megaman's weapon arm from the standard Mega Buster is pretty much standard fare including his arms merging together into a bigger version for some Program Advances for some of the gun weapons like Canon Shot. The fact that the cover art for the fic is 's crest that is on his chest doesn't help in the matter of keeping me from humming the theme lol. I'm looking forward to when we finally see how Class 1-A reacts to his Quirk..I do wonder about Iida since he's so uptight all the time, that even though he comes from a long line of pro-heroes he might still take issue with the gun arm..I don't really see Momo having issue with it since she can make grenades and guns herself. Hagakure is gonna be kinda fun since there is an Invisibility battle chip in Battle Network and in one of the games he has a Double Soul called "Toad Soul" that changes his entire outfit and body to give him a toad look and unique base abilities so I wonder if he were to touch Tsuyu (best girl imo) who has a mutant type Quirk would that be an outcome for his Quirk since it still has the chance to evolve and power up..ESPECIALLY if he gets One for All which would boost the abilities of his own base quirk..that could give him and Tsuyu a chance to bond as friends.
11/30/2020 c3 2Xerzo LotCN
so many weapons
todo fire and ice
kaminari electric
glue kids glue
the blade quirk user giving cut or tetsu
kiri giving a rock blaster
kota water gun if slime didn't give it
ashido acid to upgrade bakugou dads
frenchie for an upgrade on the light buster
meeting whirlwind guy to upgrade air buster or more powerful wind buster
dark buster? or nah
ochako for either making hit enemies float or upgrading the magnet to draw more towards it like a gravity well
jirou sound blasts
so many more

im sure with momo's help he could make tranq gun capture nets and alternative ammo for a grenade launcher flash smoke emp chaff etc

so would ofa let him go full megaman suit or just increasing power and ammo long with giving him physical power to fight when needed also mobility

also totally a missed opportunity to have his buster green instead of blue as sure megaman is blue but izuku is green or maybe ofa will do it
11/28/2020 c3 AnimeFan13579
Reading through this all in imagining is what type of guns Izuku would get from the different characters. Momo is by far the hardest but it could be that instead of a gun hers is more a support that allows customizing ammunition within limits.
Mineta has the most obvious Izuku would basically render him obsolete with firing his own sticky balls.
Kaminari is likely to give him a taser gun.
Kirishima is probably like Momo and instead provides a durability boost overall or getting a gun that's shield like.
Kind of like the idea that not every quirk gives a new gun some could just give a boost to functions he already has like Momo giving ammunition versatility for the non special quirk guns of course to prevent that being a default for him it could have that using fat for fuel handicap Momo has.
Midnight would probably more along the lines of a tranquilizer gun.
The big deal would be Aizawa's gun in order to keep from being to overpowered it probably would have the most limitations. On that front one limit could be low ammo count and longer refill time. Restriction for it could also be that the gun has to remain active to keep the effect and can't refill while it's still in use. This would follow Aizawa's personality of being rational and that the use should be saved for either a last resort or if you have a guaranteed chance to hit. Basically talking about a limited version of Overhauls prototype quirk reason bullets.

Actually I just realized something for a good reason to have some quirks not give a gun but simple upgrade. As Izuku accumulates more quirk guns it would be difficult to keep track of all of them and to sort out which would be best in a situation. Trying to pick the best gun when you have over 300 would be ridiculous. So if it was possible to get upgrades that don't produce a gun you could fix that issue he would have.

My idea for that is simple Nedzu finds Izuku's quirk interesting and gets curious of what kind of gun would occur from high specs. Granted a simple analog is just a gun that's well made and balanced but High Specs is basically an intelligence granting quirk. So for Izuku instead of a gun it could be more like boosting a computers memory specifically for sorting and pulling up guns he needs in a situation.

This is just an expansion on the quirk evolution that occurs later in MHA for some characters and opens the door to involving other quirks that wouldn't be as straight forward with a gun type.
11/27/2020 c3 Adriaus Nighthunter
Ok im hooked this is really interesting i hope you’ll make more this amazing story’s!
11/26/2020 c3 1AngelRenamon
Will he get the full suit of mega man? I like the story can't wait to see more!
11/24/2020 c3 18Dragon and Sword Master
Gotta admit that I like this one just as much as "To the Victor Goes the Spoils" and I cannot wait to see more of this. Having Deku have an evolving quirk such as the Mega Buster is definitely interesting and not something I often see, so well done.
11/23/2020 c3 Abbadon44
Looking forward to how things progress with the different busters. Will Izuku develop a full armor to look like X? And if he does you could give him a flying armor that makes him look like Copy X.
11/19/2020 c3 Enoch
Does izuku have the ability to charge his shots?
11/21/2020 c3 VoidGivenForm
This story was nice. And now for the ten month wait for the next chapter (lol).
11/21/2020 c3 1akazianka1038
I like this story. There's not enough mega man crossovers on this site, but this is a good one.
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