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for Dogs Shall Weep

11/20 c7 Ltbutterfly287
Right as the story is actually starting you promptly abandoned it.
11/20 c6 Ltbutterfly287
Dante and Vergils power had nothing to do with their age. Sure they became stronger as they got older but not because they got older. It had everything to do with their mentality.
11/20 c4 Ltbutterfly287
The most idiotic thing every does with DMC fanfiction is bringing a shot ton of demons and Mundus into the fold. It’s unneeded and doesn’t even create tension especially because Dante and Vergil have surpassed mundus with their sin devil forms.
11/20 c1 Ltbutterfly287
You depicted Dante weilding rebellion in cellistenes vision but that sword was destroyed and disappeared when Dante absorbed it. He now wields a larger sword that’s call sin blade or something similar that is the same sword that appears in his sin devil transformation.
9/26 c7 Guest
8/21 c7 Guest
Hard pass on this one, you nerfed both dante and Vergil too damn much without even plausible explanation for it! You are aware that time manipulation on either dante or Vergil doesn't work on them right!? If you want proof this go read DMC 2 novel and get your facts straight. I hate characters getting nerfed all because "reasons"! Ya hick!
8/6 c7 1Lunatic-Modo
This takes place after DmC 5 right? Shouldn't it be Devil Sword Dante and not Rebellion considering what happened to it?
7/28 c7 Arkness
the review was meant to be on this chapter. anyway good luck on whatever you're doing author
7/28 c1 Arkness
looking forward to the absolute ass beating Mundus is gonna get. he got soloed by Dante on his lonesome, imagine Vergil joining in. really good story, was very entertained
6/28 c7 3Vein Bloodborne
Please continue, this story’s getting good.
6/15 c7 Anon
Familiar face. . . Or should I say, familiar species?
6/15 c6 Anon
Eh, that depends if the job changes, I know you tend to go off and beyond yer jobs Dante. Especially if said job is just bait or actually the baddies paying ya.
6/15 c5 Anon
A devil.

Correction V-man.

An edgelord.

4/30 c1 Guest
Please dont listen to the horny dumb idea from the guy bellow me,it will just ruin the fic
4/29 c7 Guest
The guy bellow me is making me wanna puke,that just really fucking dumb and will just ruin the story
Just please don’t turn this good fic into shitty harem incel stuff,even though this is a crossover with a hentai,it could still be a good story without needing a harem,although romance with ONE character could work too if you did it right
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