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1/29/2020 c1 20Calintha
This was beautifully written, regardless of English not being your native language. Thank you for this peek into the forgotten life of the subway lady.
12/19/2019 c1 40Sam Seven
I'm very sorry that you can't enjoy this story, the thing is: hundreds of people like to suggest to seek for a beta reader or an English speaker but seem to ignore it's quite difficult to do so, because only one will gladly offer some help, which is quite understable since people don't always have the time or the will to correct a story. I've stopped to ask for help on forums and Tumblr because nobody answers or gives up because they realize it's too much work, so I don't have much choice but put many efforts and time to translate my own writing. So I only see two solutions: you can offer your help, or you can pick the link of the French version of this fic and paste it into Google Translation? I'm afraid there's no 3rd choice... Thanks for your interest though.
12/18/2019 c1 VantablackValentina
I tried to read cause I liked the idea very much, nobody has written about the subway woman yet... But the grammar is difficult to chew through, I suggest you get a good beta reader to help out, who is a native English speaker or an experienced English user :)

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