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for Christmas: Barracks Two

8/5/2020 c1 18tallsunshine12
Really a nice rendering of what Christmas must be like in Barracks Two.
8/2/2020 c1 21Tuttle4077
What a lovely poem. I've probably said it before about your poetry, but man! I'm in awe at the pictures you can paint with the medium! The one line "Makeshift, humble, sparse, endearing;" gives me a warm glow as I picture these men gathered around finding true meaning in Christmas together even though the world outside their hut is gloomy, cold, and dangerous.
2/21/2020 c1 34VST
Very well done! Great rhyme scheme and consistent meter. The ending was excellent, too.
1/7/2020 c1 2Aker-ldh
Ah, a poem, a true one. I have to admit, I'm a bit sensitive there, because hereabout we get constantly bombarded with advertisement that deems itself to be poetic but is truly not. Just because something rhymes, that does not yet make it a poem. Yours has the rhyme and the structure and the rhythm, it's already pleasing for that alone. The triple rhyme structure is also very interesting. Couldn't have been easy, even more so with all the words you tried to fit in. Being more a fan of ballads, I'm a teeny-tiny bit missing a more complete sentence structure, but that is only a matter of taste (and the constraints that are the nature of a poem). No, that poem is neatly composed and transports its rich content very well.

And the contents, yes, that sounds very much like a Hogan's Heroes Christmas: humour, a mission, camaraderie, and making the best of what they have. Despite the constraints of the verse structure, there's a lot of lovely details in here, in regards to the unexpected rescue, but even more so the way the boys try to make it a festive day. The warmth of camaraderie and the heartening spirit of steadfast hope can be felt and gets highlighted by the short spotlight at the end on the not really cheerful situation. And although there isn't much room, you're also painting very vivid pictures of what's happening in the forest (the plight, fear and elation of the huddled fliers) and the barracks (no names necessary to know, who is doing what). Feels like a complete story, and a good one.

There's also some wording that makes me smile just on its own right. Like: "Language used is quite appalling". It's probably there for the rhyme, but in its commenting on the happenings it's amusing :).

Anyway, this was a very good Christmas read. Exactly what I needed :).
12/28/2019 c1 26493
Here from the Winter 2019 Reviewathon!
The way you move from the rescue on Christmas Eve to the celebration the next day, and showing the perspectives of all involved, makes for vivid imagery and engaging storytelling. The picture of Christmas in the barracks - makeshift, humble, sparse, endearing - is such a sweet mental image. Your last few stanzas are also profound, heavy but also hopeful. I particularly liked "Close companions truly matter". It's a very sweet summary of how tight-knit the team is. :)
12/17/2019 c1 71snooky-9093
This is lovely and a worthy response to the challenge. Understated and not sappy. I love the rhythm. Brava!
12/13/2019 c1 1Carla210
Wonderful poem! What, though, is the Holiday Cheer Challenge 375?

I know on Hogan's there was always snow on the ground, but my German former pastor says it doesn't snow there anymore. It used to in the 1960s, maybe 70s, but not now. He's from Western Germany, around the place where the fictional Stalag 13 was supposed to be.
12/13/2019 c1 DixieDale
I hope you're happy! I now have tears afalling over Christmas: Barracks Two.
12/12/2019 c1 18Ennui Enigma
Creative writing response.
Love the repetition. Gave the piece a festive feel...like carols ringing
Thoroughly enjoyed reading!
12/12/2019 c1 29Abracadebra
Life goes on, Christmas or not. This is a very unsentimental look at the events of one Christmas Eve, that ends on an uplifting note of determined hope. I must say I laughed at the delightful understatement of "language used is quite appalling" and I particularly enjoyed the Christmas Day scene back in the barracks as they went about their normal activities-playing cards, cheating, cooking, chatting-with a sense of satisfaction in a worthwhile job done well. Brava!

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