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for This Time We're Not Pretending

8/7 c20 lucel18
Thank you so much for this figurative cotton candy! It’s so sweet and fluffy. Lol. Love it!
8/6 c20 Guest
This one is definitely like your mood, fluffy as a wisp of cotton candy
8/5 c20 myrslayer
A new story! It was so sweet! YJ is a romantic guy even sings the favorite song of his girlfriend.
I do like the voice of Kim Bum and watched his video in Tik Tok several times and i scheduled in my agenda the fans meeting on August 13 th, i won’t miss it !
I’m waiting for the new chapter of “Ten Dates”
8/5 c19 Luz
Que lindo leer alco mas e esta parejita cunaod vi en mi correo q habia una actualización entre rapido a leer espero q sigas publicando ️
7/26 c1 eunarahae
I put the link in my previous review but it didn't appear there. If you want to read the fic it's on asianfanfic site.
7/25 c19 eunarahae
Can I suggest one more fic that has the same theme as you mention? But you have to go to . The title is hide and seek by soeulmate_rules. Its written in such beautiful and soft way. Angsty but you will love it! I like yours too anyway :)
7/24 c19 lucel18
Angst with a happy ending.. my fave kind of angst fic.. lol.. thank u so much! I love it.
7/24 c19 Maria Rosa cisi
Hermoso capitulo. Espero que estes bien y sigue escribiendo historias de yi jong e ga eul juntos siempre grazias
7/23 c19 myrslayer
OMG I do Love this story of you! It’s until now my favorite one of the This Time We’re Not Pretending collection. I read all of the stories of Friend with benefits that you mentioned and they were very good and intense stories . Your story is more light but i loved it! Please keep sharing more SoEul stories.
7/23 c19 Greenmeetsgrey
Aaaahhhhhh I love it ! Why are you so good?
7/23 c19 emoment16
I have to say that even though you’ve written many different versions of SoEul getting together, i love all of them haha <3
7/22 c19 3xXAnime AquamarineXx

Gotta appreciate stories where they go from FWB to actual relationships! Not that it always happens, but it's nice when things work out in the end. Thank you so much for another wonderful chapter.
7/17 c18 lucel18
Ratty T-shirts for homewear is the most comfortable clothing. Glad u mentioned it. Haha. YJ is the sweetest! Wish I’m GE. Lol. Thank you! Needed this fluff after reading the latest update in 10 Dates. Lol.
7/17 c18 emoment16
This is too cute and sweet <3
7/17 c18 Rexana19
Kuchi kuchi kuchi kuu... They're both so cuuttee...
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