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5/6 c33 5Khashya
So Yi Jeong is scared because he was a Casanova... Hahaha... Just that the name of Woo Bin's son sometimes misunderstood as the name of the So Museum... Haha... yet it was funny in either way... And Ga Eul... oooh...
She has... grown up.
5/5 c33 Guest
i love my parents so much but i would freak out if they ever stalk me on my first date lol
5/5 c33 Maria Rosa cisi
Bienvenida de nuevo! Sabes creo que mi cuñado ara lo mismo quando mi sobrina inizierà a salir con lOS chicos pero al mismo tiempo no es lo que aremos las madres con nuestros hijos varones .Ella es Increible cubriendo a su hija y el es Tan lindo controllando a su hija.
5/4 c33 4angee818323
Overprotected father in Yi Jeong and can't blame him since he was Casanova before he married Ga Eul
So is Soo Young on her second or third date with Woo Sung hum
Ga Eul can't never able to lied to Yi Jeong because he can see right thought her and she too nice
5/4 c33 3xXAnime AquamarineXx
I'm guessing this is not their first date, whoops! So much for keeping it low key! LMAO XD
5/4 c33 tinieka
Oh my god! Lol. So cute. I could totally see it going that way. I really liked this chapter. Thank you for this update!
5/4 c33 cristina0812
I love it thank you so much
5/4 c33 Guest
hahaah oh my lord this is gold
4/11 c32 Guest
Hey can you write something of jealous and possessive Yj
4/3 c32 2SoEulMates Forever
well who doesn't like a badass Ga Eul! Atleast I Love her!
4/1 c32 Guest
Another cute chapter
This series is amazing
Hope to read more soon
3/31 c32 Maria Rosa cisi
Hola ! Me gusta mucho Este capitulo es muy divertido muy sexy muy bien echo ga eul lucha por el
3/31 c32 25Cari-Bum
I like it! *Run to read good girl*
3/30 c32 3xXAnime AquamarineXx
Ooooohhhhh! Yes, Ga Eul! You show em girl! Make those girlies back off! As usual, thank you so much for yet another chapter of this lovely AU! I always enjoy your updates!
3/30 c32 lucel18
LOVE THIS REWRITE of that bar scene. Totally worth the read! Thank you so much!
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