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5/11/2023 c42 28daughterofrisingsun
More mysterious abilities are showing up for Launch.
Seems things are looking up for the Namekians and Chi-Chi as well.
This presently mild-mannered Vegeta appears to be quite comfortable with his current situation.
Interesting chapter! Awaiting the next update!
3/1/2023 c12 4Itherael
The story continues to be engaging, and I gotta admit that my fave interactions are between Vegeta and Bulma, although Raditz and Launch are very entertaining. I can see them working in a spin-off story. Goog going, friend.
2/24/2023 c4 Itherael
So far, interesting. Lots of spice, lots of good and funny interactions. Well written, good job.
9/21/2022 c41 28daughterofrisingsun
Wow! A lot going on in this chapter! Trying to guess who the prisoner could be. Very curious as to what becomes of Gohan next.
That was a bittersweet moment between Tien and his mother. Looking forward to seeing how he uses his new skills. Awaiting the next chapter!
4/9/2022 c40 daughterofrisingsun
Well Frieza is being his usual conceited self. Very curious about the identity of the "prisoner."
Naughty Launch! Vegeta would be scandalized !
It seems Kami has found a powerful ally.
Hopefully Kakarot will reach Gohan in time...
Looking forward to the next chapter!
8/28/2021 c39 6MariIvyFenta
I really like Calliope, and her interactions with Piccolo are very intriguing. I want more of them! I hope they figure out how to help Gohan, although he might need to save himself, or Chi Chi might be the one.

I love the detail about Gohan having hair like Raditz. We rarey got to see it down like that in the show. I hope that is a thing that can continue once he's back out in the world. Hopefully he can have a decent relationship with Raditz in this AU. That is something I would like to see.

you painted the overgrown destruction nicely.

Goku is always so fight hungry. His combat boner is the biggest of them all.

I like how you made Tien face his parents and possesser.

Awe Vegeta, trying so hard, and being so sweet. The rose is beautiful.

got sucked into the rest. Such tension with Piccolo and Chi Chi. then the adorableness of him and Calliope making fun of each other.

I do like to see Yajarobi doing some good. I hope he helps Gohan as well in his own small ways.

I can't wait to see what happened with Chi Chi next.
8/3/2021 c39 28daughterofrisingsun
Interesting that King Kai would choose the Gemini to train Goku, Tien, Chiatzou and Krillin. Hope Chi-Chi stops being stubborn for Gohan's sake before he disappears all together.
Lovely idea with Vegeta and the rose at Bulma's graduation.
Looking forward to the next chapter!
4/16/2021 c38 daughterofrisingsun
About time someone made perverted Master Roshi behave! So sweet of Raditz to clean the room for Launch. Find it hilarious that Yamcha would ask Raditz for 'hair tips' and that Raditz would call Yamcha "girly-hair"!
4/2/2021 c37 6MariIvyFenta
What a bunch of dorks! Those Saiyans, playing spies while the ladies shop. that part always brings a smile to my face, it was hard to read cuz I laughed so hard at them the first time I read that part.
I got worried about Vegeta at first but I didn't even think about what he had done right before the headache had set in. Poor Launch just can't catch a break, her day went from awesome to pretty shitty. I am glad Bulma finally got it off her chest though.
Now, I have heard about instant karma, but foreshadowing karma? Vegeta deserved that brain freeze.
I really like Calliope, she's becoming my new fave. I can't wait to see what happens between her and Piccolo, I sense some tension there. I do hope that Gohan can recover from his trauma, he is really annoying as a whiny brat.
I still think it was utter genius to have Saiyans smoke pig the first one...
Rachana and Tyurni had it really rough that was scary and made me feel very anxious, a bit nauseous even. I hope they can break away from Frieza.
I am excited for the next half, I miss the Launchitz, they are so sweet. Raditz really needs just chill and concentrate on Launch for a while, she has always done for others it's time someone does for her. Although Raditz has been very good about taking care of her so far. Her baby brain is starting to come through, he is going to have so much fun as she grows.

Thank you so much for that mention BTW! I apologize on behalf of that person that commented so rudely. You are an amazing writer and have such command of the page, you use beautifully crafted embedded symbolism, and your plots are in-depth and you pull this all together in a truly captivating way. I was honestly a bit intimidated by you last year when you found me. XOXO
4/2/2021 c1 MariIvyFenta

You come off as a well-to-do, wannabe woke person. Allow me to educate you on something, about the topics in this story.

The topics you mention specifically are hard things. Things that when expressed in art, more often tend to upset those that are not one of the 1,000,000,000,000 women that are victims of VAW and make them react as you did. Until these things are no longer a part of our waking world they will remain a part of art and expression. It doesn't matter what year or age we lived in, none of us are free until we are all free.

I myself have been a victim and I refuse to try to hide from these topics or shy away because others are uncomfortable with me discussing them. I am uncomfortable every damn day because little things set me off, someone touching my neck, certain sounds people make can cause flashes of memory. Then the voice that never really goes away comes out of the place I banish it to.

Then there is what you did.

When someone wants to jump on others for discussing these hard topics of things that have happened to them, it makes them shut down and become defensive, because you just showed them that expressing these things (doesn't matter the medium) is unacceptable. I can't stand people like you that think they are defending those women that have already been made to feel that their voice doesn't matter.

You wanna know something about the psychology of rape and general VAW? Too bad I'm going to say it. It's about domination, not sex, not turning you on. It's one person showing that they are so dominant they hold your life in their hands and can silence your voice with the flick of their wrist. Something else idgaf if you wanna hear or not. For us who are or were/have been victims of these kinds of things, we struggle every day to quiet the thoughts that plague us; the memories that haunt us. A great way of getting these thoughts that drag up all the stress and feelings from that time, then all the rage we have within us, is to express them in our chosen mediums. I learned this very young, too young because of what happened to me, female authors put these topics into their stories to make others think about it because sweeping it under the rug is more painful. And most of us that do write about rape and VAW are victims ourselves.

Next time you come across a story with this type of content, instead of commenting to tear down an amateur author, target the national media and make them discuss this topic. Look at what trying to sweep racism under the rug for the last 50 yrs has done to America. Everyone is desperate to bring it into the light and talk about it, but if you wanna join the convo you gotta listen too. You gotta listen FIRST.

You treated Indigo like she is a robot writing about something she doesn't know is a problem in our world. Yes rape and VAW is a pandemic, has been a pandemic, it's almost ingrained in our DNA because of how long this has been happening. Stop casting shade on those trying to bring it into the light, trying to discuss it-get it off our chests so we can understand why this happened to us and finally be able to breathe again-we are the ones that have been living under its shadow and we want to see the fucking sun!

If you are or were a victim of VAW I hope seek help, I hope it never happens to you again. I hope no one ever does to you what you did with your comment, because I know what it's like to feel silenced, censored, and disregarded among ppl with good intentions. But they all have the same thing in common, they are quick to judge the situation and don't listen very well. I hope you can find a way to cope that isn't hurting others or dragging others down. I hope you have someone that supports you, that believes you. I hope you finish this story and see all the things that are embedded in it that make it an epic adventure and a work of art. I hope my words don't fall on deaf ears, but I won't be surprised if they do, it happens more often than acts of VAW.
4/1/2021 c37 28daughterofrisingsun
Got a laugh out of me with Vegeta reacting to "brain freeze." LOL! You illustrated perfectly how I would imagine Saiyans behaving in a mall food court.
Tyurni is certainly in a fix. Wonder just what Frieza is up to...
Poor Launch! There's so much she has to deal with.
Looking forward to the next chapter!
3/30/2021 c1 zorianka89
I read good reviews and decided to read this story. To be honest, I'm not surprised the story isn't very popular. I wanted to drop it after the first part of the first chapter.
Rape and murder of women is a painful topic for many people. And if you start with an emphasis on this aspect of the personality of the protagonist then ... it is very clear that many will not go to read the following chapters.
Maybe I'll give this story a chance, but after describing Raditz's actions, I don't feel like reading. In our world, women endure a lot of violence and rape. The author must understand that in 2021, making the main character a rapist is the most disgusting idea.
I know that the sayans are cruel killers and stuff, but there are some things that turn away.
1/1/2021 c36 2UninstallMe
Although I would never complain about getting some more delicious Launchitz, I quite enjoyed this chapter focusing on the plot, and oh boy. What a revelation! Thank you for another amazing read
12/2/2020 c12 6MariIvyFenta
Gotta love the bad boys. Poor Launch, Tien is so pent up and fire that to happen upon her like that. Raditz just melted my heart with how he took care of her. Serves him right that he would have struggle through this.
11/30/2020 c4 3Techne
Ah, more and more Raditz/Launch goodness that just eats at the heart. It was so cute seeing him doing things for her that not even the others do. I actually do have to agree with that being pointed out about how theres almost nothing left for her to eat after she cooks for them. I can understand in Goku's case cause he can put a restaurant out of business in a day and then still want more. The way they go back and forth with each other, the obvious flirting between the two and the hints at him clearly wanting more but not pushing it to much. It makes you really think that he perhaps sees her as more than just someone to have sex with. Wow, I gotta say I would love to have a penis that huge, but I doubt just anyone gets blessed to be that... ahem... big.

So Vegeta and Nappa are aleady dropping Frieza's name? Seems a bit early to me, but it would make sense that they make such references since everything they say is technically being listened in on. Something interesting is going on between him and Bulma, however, I've noticed. Redonite? Eh? One of these things clearly isn't like the others.

I will have to continue my reviews another time. It's late for me, work in the AM and I really need to get some sleep. I look forward to reading more and will make time for it over the weekend!
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