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12/15/2019 c1 131jojoDO
Ohhhhh ho ho ho. OHHHH HO HO HO. Illy. Do you know how long I've been waiting for this arc? TOO LONG. Ever since I started reading your stuff last year, I've been like "What if Ryo finds out, what if Ryo finds out, what's he gonna do to Big, etc." And now IT'S HERE! HE KNOWS! GAAAAAH!

...Okay, I'm calm. So... yeah. This is hopefully just the start of something new, because I have a feeling Yuri's not going to get through to her brother/Robert that easily. Ryo and Robert are not only very macho and masculine... Ryo... well... he's surely got this Japanese mindset. Feeling King has been dishonored, a violent retribution will be his first inclination. And, well... maybe the Ryo x King shipper in me wants him to do it out of luv :3

BUT... I musn't forget one thing. Big talked to King and he's HOPING for them to come after him. That means he'd be ready. Maybe with guns. That would end very messy. If King were to lose Ryo and Yuri lose Robert over this, that would just... agh. That'd be a whole new era of dark for the Kingverse.

So, I have no idea where you're going with this. I can see it playing out multiple ways. Yuri got through to them. Yuri did NOT get through to them, but King has a heart to heart with Ryo and stops him. They go after Big, and get badly hurt/killed, opening up a WHOOOOLE new can of worms. They go after Big, whoop his ass, and King is happy. They whoop Big's ass, and King/Yuri admonish them for not doing the right thing, because revenge is a cycle that begets violence. THERE'S SO MANY OPTIONS AHHHHHHHHHHH!

Illy, it's like I told you in PM... you can't lose with this one. The possibilities are just too juicy. No matter what happens, it's no doubt gonna be a compelling story and conclusion. I only hope that this isn't the end of it, but I have a strong feeling it's not. There's got to be more to come.

Until then, I will wait eagerly for the Illy Saga to continue : )
12/14/2019 c1 24Rex Madison
Too bad you didn't say that last part during the start notes, heh. I could've skipped down here immediately XD

Ngl, I'm not up to my usual ranting and raving tonight. But this was very good, and it was nice to read it whether or not it needed to be written. It was good to see Ryo losing his shit but being reasonable about it, and it was GREAT to see Yuri showing she's learned a thing or two from Hurt. (Although she's still got room for improvement, lol. In PRIVATE, Yuri! Privateā€¼)

Most of all, it's fantastic to see that even during a hiatus, you're still able to write :D Thanks for keeping it going, and here's hoping you can do it again soon!
12/13/2019 c1 iwewia
Ryo getting angry at just finding out about awful incident and not thinking things through is very...Ryo. Robert and Yuri as the voices of reason adds a nice depth to their characters. Yuri, more than both men, knows precisely how this whole incident has ruined her friend and how she reacts when more and more people get involved.

It was indeed the start of a new chapter of the King-verse! The postponed "Ryo Situation" is getting the development it needed which means King will have a lot on her plate emotionally as well as physically after the accident.

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