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for Any Means Necessary: Rising

6/17 c69 1Galeiam
These last few chapters are just so...extra.

It's hard to describe exactly how dissatisfied I've been with all this false identity crap going on.
6/4 c65 Guest
He's so unintentionally creepy
6/4 c63 Guest
Why tf is the mc so creepy this chapter
6/4 c69 Apple89123
3rd wheel.
5/23 c68 1GXVIII
Are we really just going to rehash canon story? This is pointless.
4/14 c1 2Surfing cipher
great fic love the tog premise ans setting tho its surprising how much he didnt gain from naruverse, tho its supposed to be with such low grade mana circuits, tog with its unique setting its makes it perfect would like if you'd include how to train dragon monsters, or dbz world or xinnia setting
3/29 c64 Always Flow
Love this This Tower of God fanfic.
Keep it up Please.
3/12 c63 Zehel2010
Uwaah, womens self rationalisation to become a homewrecker just leaves me speechless.
3/4 c45 Ana
Bro really turned all 74th floor Kirito with that move lol
2/29 c62 Guy Albus
It was fun until the Tower part. I dont know that setting so it does nothing for me. Toodles.
2/27 c62 Cinder
Yihwa don't burn too fast for the protag please
2/26 c62 passin'by
This chapter was fun, the character interactions in your series are really interesting to read.
2/26 c62 Tidy guy
Thanks for the chapter, I enjoyed it.
2/14 c31 1Makluan overlord
that's a perfect copy not the real deal there still clones
1/29 c60 passin'by
last 2 chapters have been fun.
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