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for Any Means Necessary: Rising

2/26 c62 passin'by
This chapter was fun, the character interactions in your series are really interesting to read.
2/26 c62 Tidy guy
Thanks for the chapter, I enjoyed it.
2/14 c31 1Makluan overlord
that's a perfect copy not the real deal there still clones
1/29 c60 passin'by
last 2 chapters have been fun.
1/15 c59 1GXVIII
This feels like it's dying a slow death.
1/15 c59 Cinder
hwa ryun is going to have her Zygaena flower yes yes
12/20/2023 c58 AnonymousTrooper
Oh dear lord, finally! Memorable characters, memorable conversations, memorable locations, memorable protagonist!

...Shame I haven't seen any of that since touching whatever the hell tower of god is.
12/15/2023 c51 4Valkorion510
12/12/2023 c57 kashi koro
I love this fic but sometimes the titles are so cringe they come back around to being funny which is probably the goal
12/4/2023 c45 Llewey
An Olympic runner is a lot weaker than an Olympic shot putter or hammer thrower
12/4/2023 c39 Llewey
You can be innocent all you want, if the girl doesnt want you to follow or help or anything else then you’re now a stalker regardless of your thoughts or intentions. Being a guy means being subject to women’s viewpoints
11/21/2023 c57 passin'by
Bro, you must be reading too much xianxia, your whole chapter was filled with water and young master crap. Your writing and story has degraded hard this chapter, hopefully you can sort yourself out.
10/31/2023 c30 JustAngry
Booo. Way to kill off an actually interesting character, unlike the MC who is basically a thing pretending to be a person. So here's hoping that Agate infected his personality somehow and eventually will take over to save this story.
10/30/2023 c56 Apple89123
I have constant flashbacks of the MC doing that whole light show to stall the ranker, only for Androssi to never show up.
10/30/2023 c56 Cinder
and this is how their rise began...

thanks for the chapter
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