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for Any Means Necessary: Rising

10/30/2023 c30 Gilgamesh50
Great Chapter
10/17/2023 c55 Cinder
Good chapter, he is not suspected of being a traitor by Khun, Hwaryun... read the fiction at the same time as us?! We are coming to part 2 of TOG soon, keep up the good work
10/11/2023 c30 Zhelander
Shitty way to nerf the MC, specially because Agate was actually a pretty interesting character... unlike the MC.
10/5/2023 c54 13feauxen the end, there can be only one?
10/3/2023 c53 Cinder
Headon mode "katta keikakudori". Great chapter
9/18/2023 c53 Apple89123
lol so lame! xD This was completely unexpected, I love it!
9/5/2023 c52 Apple89123
the *making sure everything follows canon* chapter ;O
9/4/2023 c52 PSYCongroo
Thanks for the chapter.
8/29/2023 c51 L.A Knight
8/28/2023 c51 SkeletalReader
8/20/2023 c50 1Galeiam
This whole summoning way too complicatedly annoying way too fast.

Feels smashed into the story to force plot lines that make no sense.

Like from a Meta Fanfic reader perspective it make sense, but the late introduction on a means of controlling the plot makes it annoying.

Especially if this ends up becoming a rip of Darth Marrs Forever Mage harem system.
8/6/2023 c44 Kroz Phantomville
I don’t know why the author has such hatred towards the MC. First he did not have any magic circuits. When he finally got decent circuits after 1 and half books of plot, he doesn’t have any spells to use the circuits on. When he was about to learn some spells from Agate she gets killed taking with her the knowledge of thought acceleration and other useful spells. WNt to learn Shinsoo? Sorry, but you cannot even use enough to form a single baang. This MC literally has a kalediostick and has been to three worlds now but all he can literally do is fly for less than a minute. This is probably the most pathetic MC in the entire Nasuverse fanfiction.
8/2/2023 c47 Zerak
So MC is special because he isn’t special?
8/1/2023 c50 Cinder
hmm the type moon rules. Hopefully it doesn't catch zahad's attention too soon if he feels a disturbance in his princess control (if that control even exists).
7/31/2023 c50 dracospikex1
Nice! Very entertaining and engaging as always
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