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for Any Means Necessary: Rising

7/31/2023 c50 Satisfied Reader
I really like the new revelations about world travelers and their limitations, it's fascinating to learn about and makes a ton of sense, I can't wait to see more.
7/19/2023 c46 Guest
7/18/2023 c49 3Ikasuki
All this world rejecting bs is just dustracting and à rabdom limitation because otherwise planewalker could be too powerfull but who gîtes à crap. In the worm versé alone there are as many parallèle dime son as there are particules in the known universe... that alone is so gigantic à nulber it might as well be considered infinite add aml other franchises and who care if there is à handfull of plane walker. All this does so far is some xianxia bullshit about being powerfull but not really and having to hide his power which he
already dont or cant use that much. Hé is weak AF so far and not really incolving himself, adding another lilitation on him doesnt really help story wise
7/17/2023 c49 dracospikex1
Racheal redemption lets goooooo
7/5/2023 c48 PasiveNox
great chapter
7/3/2023 c48 Simple Guy
Good stuff.
7/1/2023 c47 4Valkorion510
7/1/2023 c46 Valkorion510
6/20/2023 c6 Guest
yeah zero no tsukaima was a really bad decision in where to go ... this is so incredibly boring
6/20/2023 c47 PasiveNox
Nice chapter
6/20/2023 c47 Guest Scififan
Also, thank you for answering my questions. Have a good day.
6/20/2023 c47 Guest Scififan
I was reading some of your earlier responses to comments, and I would like to say that you could give your protagonist a local multiverse travel, and particularly a local time travel. In disney canon, there is the world between worlds, which at the very least allows time travel. You could add this element to legends (or otherwise combine them), or make canon and legends two different worlds connected by that place. Our protagonist could enter that place (maybe it is that plane's ring), and set a way point (the tower's waypoint vanished, but since the world between worlds is outside of time, it could act like limbo*, which is a dimension in marvel comics that is outside of time, and while people experience time as passing they don't get old and die), or enter it through the outside. This could potentially let the au changes (depending on what changes you want) be from our protagonist meddling with history. Finally, traveling through time in one world might change the time of other worlds that he goes to, however there is potentially unstable time differences, so he may not be able to go to particular times accurately, and may not want to wait millennia*** in any case (due to boredom and potential expiry dates). In worm, traveling back in time could allow the entities to change their behaviour, and thus e.g. not have Eden die, so he might not want to use it there. The risk of paradox might not be that big of a deal, just leave and see if your waypoint still exists (provided that our protagonist is that callous, but he can still try not changing anything).

* wiki/Limbo_(Temporal)
** I haven't watched the episode in question, but according the the wiki page, what you see is dependant on your experiences, meaning that while Ezra could go to the time of a friends death (that was not that long ago), our protagonist might only see desperate time periods relevant to media that he watched, so he can't travel around to specific times. Just send him in during a time of peace, or some other time that the media that takes place around that time doesn't let him time travel to times inconvenient to you. You might even want to let him play around with time travel, with unstable differences in time letting you not give him that much of an advantage. Of course, if you don't want him to travel forwards/backwards at all, then make him first enter that world long after/before all of the star wars media that he consumed took place. Of course, all this is dependant on the idea that time-travel in one plane effects time in others.
6/19/2023 c47 Guest Scififan
"Thanks for the info"
Your welcome.
6/19/2023 c47 tH1s
Glad to see this back! Now I'm even more interest. I wish you would update more regularly
6/19/2023 c47 TheOnlyKing
Glad to see a new chapter, this is one of the few fics worth reading with regards to how I like MC's to be. It's only a shame that chapters come by so rarely...
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