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for Any Means Necessary: Rising

12/17/2019 c1 ngocnv371
this is awesome! you are a great author!
12/16/2019 c1 PasiveNox
hmmmmmm nice
12/16/2019 c1 SalemTheSpeakerOfTruth
Way to lay low there, calling yourself a conqueror and "infinity magician"! Still, if he can avoid being burnt at the stake as a heretic, Halkeginia should be a great place to get better at magic, as well as secure waifus.

By the way, I appreciate your going straight from Worm to Familiar of Zero. Both being pretty small fandoms, especially compared to Naruto, Dragon Ball, or any other you could have chosen. While those are also great, obviously, it was a bit of a gamble going for the small ones. I look forward to continuing to read your story. :)
12/16/2019 c1 7udkudk
FoZ is a very good world for mastering Magic.
12/16/2019 c1 4Dur'id the Druid
Nice. Are you paying this anywhere else?
12/14/2019 c1 KingAllen
Will he get gandalfr rune? Because the potential is to big, he can master all Noble Phantasm to highest level possible.
12/14/2019 c1 DantalianWright
It’s unlikely to happen considering the MC’s personality but I hope he doesn’t debase himself to become Louises goon, Saito can accomplish that role well enough and the mind control shenanigans involved in a familiar bond really disturbs me.
12/14/2019 c1 17Just an IsekaI writer
please continue, the chapter 1 intrigue me a lot... though don't make him a familiar cuz that would ruin it.
12/14/2019 c1 ZhaWarudo
Thanks for going into FoZ universe instead of some semi popular anime/game universe I haven't watched as is usual with world hopping fics.
12/13/2019 c1 superpierce
can't wait for the next chapter.
12/13/2019 c1 2FerunaLutelou
IMO the best thing he can do now is analyse how these people use magic first, steal some books from academies library, gtfo of there, get his hands on some enchanted items to analyse, find an elf to study how they use magic.
12/13/2019 c1 NazgulBelserion
He better bend over that Dark skinned chick that user fire and pound her too obliviion
12/13/2019 c1 2rc48177
lets see where this goes. Hope the "Axion" is a bit more honest than before,
12/13/2019 c1 duedguy15
I though you didn’t want to reveal to what extent you could do magic, so why you make him call himself the infinity mage. Not only dose that sound cringe and pretentious, but it also indicates strong magical ability, which he doesn’t have. What if they tested him and found out how magically weak he was, wouldn’t that lower his credibility?
12/13/2019 c1 kirito emiya
Yes please
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