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for Elsa v Emperor

10/25/2020 c1 1dx-1118
If you do write another chapter, I'd like to see you flip the tables and have Elsa meet with the Emperor's counterpart, the Mystic Master.
5/12/2020 c1 10Slick146
Okay, I want to see more of this.
2/24/2020 c1 alexc1209
Please make this story long! It’s so good!
2/20/2020 c1 9Oscar Bun
Yes please continue on with Elsas fight against the Skeksis. You mixed my two favorite spirits of each film and series to one. This is the best fan fiction I've read in years. I want to know what happens next you got magic sir.
1/17/2020 c1 SupergodzillaSailorCosmos
I just stumbled across your story and think it's very cool.
I like the idea very much and would be very happy about a continuation. Especially a crossover FF to Dark Crystal: Age of the Resistance. And also with Elsa.

I hope to see you soon. I would really appreciate a bigger story.

With kind regards SupergodzillaSailorCosmos

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