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9/14/2020 c13 The-Black-Forest-Cake-Is-A-Lie
That was the most twisted, dark, disturbing bloody fanfiction I have ever read. And you know what? I loved it. I relished every turn of the way. it was so captivating I had to read it. I expected the "good guy defeats bad guy with love" sort of thing, but Luigi joining Dimentio? I never saw that coming. I expected him to come to his senses and not light Mario on fire at the very last second. Now that I think about it, it sounds like a Dimentio thing to do to crush his spirit. Bravo. This was genius.
12/31/2019 c12 3EchoAndAli'sWackyFics
This story is heartbreaking and amazing T_T although my one problem is Dreambert's death. This is the pillow dude that lead a war against a powerful villain (Antasma), he's apparently very well trained in military tactics and hand-to-hand combat, plus he has his own kind of dream-magic stuff. I think he would have probably put up the best fight against Dimentio, not just lay down and die that easily. Of course, Dimentio is more powerful so he probably would've won either way, I'm just saying that Dreambert should have at least been able to hurt him, Daisy and Peasley were able to after all.
12/31/2019 c11 Guest
This story makes me cry like I’m at a funeral. I think so far the hardest one for my to process was Daisy’s death. I’ve always seen Daisy and Luigi being super close, and Luigi is probably one of the characters is the Mario series that I care for the most. So envisioning Daisy’s death was... rough to say the least. Peach. Just thinking about see her dead in Luigi’s basement... I don’t even know what to say! I’m going be honest I adore E. Gadd because I mean how can you not?! He’s a little money greedy but besides that he’s a sweet man I felt so bad for him and everyone else! Especially Peasley, he’s been trying so hard to protect Luigi, just to fall into Dimentio’s trap... All emotions aside. You portray all of the characters so well! Reactions and all! I cannot get enough of this story, it is really upsetting but I have high hopes that Mario’s going to show up and show out for his brother. But if that doesn’t play out, I’m betting Luigi will willingly go down with his family and friends. Luigi very sacrificing it’s in his natural, especially when it comes down to his brother. I can’t wait to see what happens next!
12/30/2019 c11 MarLud
Hello again, I just come to give my humble opinion about this story again.
Why? Why do you do it? Do you like to see people suffer? Well, with the events that have happened, I think it's clear, but why E. Gadd? Why? when I really wasn't aware of anything Why? The poor princesses; You didn't even leave Mario with his beloved, well, if Mario is fine as the letters say, although I still have the idea that Mario is kidnapped by Dimento and is sending those letters with false information and that he will be the end of the function is very suspicious
But what bothers me is that you did that to Peasly. Please, don't leave Luigi alone. Please!
Follow the story, go on, go on. I need more, I need to know what will happen T-T
12/29/2019 c9 MarLud
No, this is the last straw, why Peach? Why? At first I thought it could be Daisy but Peach.
Who has been aware of everything, I refuse to believe this.
Now, he doesn't even think about leaving history in a vacuum, I need to know what will happen, even if it is more than clear what will happen; but please don't leave this story in the hollow. And I am sorry if I did not understand very well but I do not know English, so I am using a translator, and before I forget, I wish you a happy year ahead and a thank you for continuing with this story
12/25/2019 c8 MarLud
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Continue with the story, please, I want to know who will be the next victim of the madman of Dimiento. I just hope it isn't one of the two monarchs, I just hope the next one isn't Peasly, but if Mario is next, nobody has salvation. But my question is why Dreambret? He did not deserve to die.
12/19/2019 c6 MarLud
This is so graphic, so good.
Poor Peach I just hope nothing happens to her and with bowser Oh my god! I almost felt sorry for him; but Tayce can't imagine how his destiny was, poor.
I just hope he hasn't already caught Mario because otherwise there is no salvation. And Peasly, I just hope it's not the next tape. Please continue with the story.
12/17/2019 c4 MarLud
I knew it was dimentio! Hey, it's really very good to read, it's very graphic, everything is excellent and LuigiXPeasly is very cute. Don't really leave this story in oblivion
12/14/2019 c1 MarLud
I'm surprised that there are people the support LuigiXPeasly.
Your story fascinated me, you left me in the intrigue since I have two possible characters from the past who could be in charge of the letter.
So please continue with the story, do not leave it in oblivion

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