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9/24 c43 Muhsin
update . I love the story I've been waiting for so long
9/3 c42 7ThatCrazyBrit94
Hmm is this getting updated? or are you still writing that new story- Interbellum was it?
8/21 c41 Deeznuggets2121
Theory to add on to my last comment after reading the one before it: If the metallic object inside the meteor is Thalia, it's possible that someone else might get their hands on her first. Maybe she'll be manipulated to be an enemy of our heroes?
8/21 c43 Deeznuggets2121
Will Thalia be in this story? Like how Superman has his cousin Supergirl, maybe Thalia also survived?
8/15 c42 Cy4nide
So there’s no Thalia yet, but when Jason was punching asteroids there was a weird one that looked metallic, intro for Thalia as a supergirl esk character?
8/8 c22 FlamingWolf2
"Was the meeting today? I thought it wasn't for another month." "That would be next month's meeting, Percy," LMAO I was dying when I read that
8/3 c42 Romeperson
Is this a Dimension 20 reference nice
8/2 c18 Romeperson
7/3 c42 1Lord Cornichon
I think i'm in love with u
6/26 c42 Wulfkin17
One thing to say, since this is a reread for me. You have Annabeth's step mother named both Helen and Mary in different chapters throughout the story. It'd be alright if she had a full name of Mary-Helen or something.. But I don't think you meant for that. Lol

Good job, again!
6/11 c42 DarkHandOfFate
This story is awesome. You kinda just took elements from DC and characters from PJO and made your own completely separate universe.
5/27 c42 Airbone
I’m not gonna lie I haven’t found someone like you in awhile, someone who I enjoy a lot for their stories/fan fiction. I’ve read a few of them already and plan to read more. Now for this story I’m very much invested in and enjoy I can’t wait for more. ( although I will sadly wait for more). You are an amazing writer and I look forward to reading more of your works of art.
4/28 c43 tackler5.rb
I just want you to know that this story is absolutely fantastic! I hope college goes well and that we see an update in the future!
4/21 c3 shooodai
ungrateful bastard, tch human..
4/21 c43 1Bahari Muziki
The link didn't work. are you still on discord?
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