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1/14 c24 Crowbars357
Looks like Eugenio needs to get buff and become the cream of the crop a la Macho Man Randy Savage. He won’t have the strength needed otherwise
1/13 c24 3DestructionDragon360
Damn, lots going on in this interlude. Personally, I'm fondest of Shamir's section, because it was so painfully in-character. A woman like her has no want for pity, and, well, losing your legs is about as pity-inducing as you can get. And, frankly, I'm not surprised it's pushing her to a desperation move. Of all the Knights of Seiros and Church-aligned units in-game, Shamir really does have the least impetus to stay at Rhea's side. And, obviously, she's now learned several things about Rhea to sour her opinion of her employer.

I'm definitely interested in seeing the expansion of the Night Cats. "Member of The Light" huh? You've left me wanting more, and I know you're going to let me sit on that for a while.
1/12 c23 Louie Yang
Shamir is criticising people who chose not to act and people who chose to act. What is her point here? Rhea decided to act by lying. Edelgard decided to act by intentionally keep secrets. Eugenio decided not act anything because 1. He can't really do anything and 2. He doesn't really mind which way Fodland history folds from what he has seen of the future. Shamir is being very contradictory and out of character. You have to act or not act. Those are literally the only choices possible. If you criticise both options, what can you do? Shamir is out of character but ok chapter overall. Thanks.
1/7 c23 6Stormtide Leviathan
*thumbs up emoji*

But anyway, I do like me some more TWSITD intrigue. nice job.
1/3 c23 blueassassin996
looks like things are set in motion, how will our reluctant hero, make his next move. and what will he do in the days to come.
1/4 c23 Lord-Azrael3
Great chapter as usual, can't wait for more!
1/3 c23 joeyginise
Well, that was quite the development. I very much look forward to the next one. I don't remember shit from this game, what Hybrid?
1/3 c23 Guest
1/3 c23 4eseer
my guess is either kronya, or maybe even edelgard, considering that she is, technically, a hybrid of agarthians and humans.
1/3 c23 3DestructionDragon360
"And I only started pursuing it when someone close to me was hurt, while there are many out there who suffered long before that happened. That may be true, but that's no excuse not to seek to do good."

Damn... Hanneman out here saying out the gate that Eugenio's mistakes now don't need to define who he chooses to become... You know, he doesn't get enough appreciation, our fair Crest-obsessed professor is a good man. A damn good man.

I guess the only question now is, what happens to Shamir? I'm worried about her.
1/3 c23 5mad thought
Well that's out in the open. Perhaps some splits within the Argathans, or have this hybrid turn on them.
1/1 c22 Guest
If Eugenio does lose his hand, he can just put on an eyepatch and become Punished Eugenio
1/1 c22 3DestructionDragon360
Oh, this chapter was good. There was a lot of growing going on here through each of Eugenio's conversations. I think he's going to carry that Lysithea argument with him for a while. He may not be learning it for the first time, but hearing it from the horse's mouth that she's living life on a timer clearly knocked some sense into our protagonist. Also, making progress on patching things with Mercedes. It makes sense that she's been able to roll with the blow he dealt to her back on their mission.

I liked Felix's assessment of Eugenio. Harsh (always harsh) but not wrong. And he was right about Eugenio's hunger. If the narration has given us any insight into Eugenio's core character, he's one who fights like a cornered animal, because he knows he's punching above his weight class. And even so, has pulled out a victory against two more experienced opponents.
12/31/2020 c22 joeyginise
I am going to go out on a limb and say that interpersonal relations is something you struggle with IRL. I sometimes find it difficult to think of what to say sometimes as well. Though my problem is that I can't insult someone top save my life. My bite is rather dull, unfortunately.

This was an interesting installment none the less. I look forward to more.
12/10/2020 c20 2Masquer Q
The OC likely deserves worse. Imprisonment? Execution? Honestly, it's like he's a character made to be hated.
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