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for Your Lonely Soul

9/5 c1 2Enjolras BeEasy
I love this so much! Everything about it is so, so precious.
Marius and Cosette adopting the two little brothers . . . YES, I completely accept that, of course they would've! Thank you for that much better ending for those little boys.

I also really like how you included Monsieur Mabeuf, 'whom Cosette loved instantly' - that's definitely how I (and, I assume, most everyone else) feel towards him, too. I'm not sure if this was implied, but Eponine is staying for Azelma? Or is she only there for this moment like Marius's friends?

I especially love how you did Courfeyrac's character: how he holds on when he shakes Gavroche's hand, because 'who knew if he would ever be able to touch another person again'. And Gavroche and Cosette are wonderful, too.

This is really amazing. Well done!
5/22 c1 Angeta-Etiennette Trepanire
You just made me cry. I wrote this out and stuck it as the last chapter in my copy of les mis and it’s the perfect ending to a perfect book so thank you. I now need to go and think about how I’m crazy enough (and lonely enough) for my best friends to be book characters.
12/14/2019 c1 11civilizedrevolutionary
MY HEART. AAAAHHH what ARE you megSUPERFAN? As I read this the most unhuman (is that a word? It is now) noises came out of me - my dog was very concerned. Ok, review time.

The beginning was so, so bittersweet - every time you give us scenes from the barricades I'm nothing but a puddle of TEARS and this is no exception. Jolllly, baby...and Feuilly! *sobs* they didn't get to say goodbye! And then Courfeyrac's characterization here is so good - he's so tender and loving to Marius and Cosette, and I want to give him a hug but I CAN'T (curse you, ghost fics!).

"You will live. [papa?] You are going to live." Was that a reference to the Finale in the musical? I am crying, crying I tell you. How do I describe this? It's...WARM. (like Courfeyrac) This is so sad, but it's so full of hope and love and comfort that it makes it feel so fulfilling.

Mabeuf! Aww, they're so happy! GAVROCHE. Oh no, he is so perfect. I don't know whose characterization I love more, his or Courfeyrac. You wrote him so well - that sassy little scamp - I was crying so hard at his brothers' reactions to his departure. Gavroche leaving his bros with Marius and Cosette is the best ending that Victor Hugo was too much of a coward to give us.

This is AMAZING. I adore this with all my heart, you are such an amazing writer!

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