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9/9 c160 29CubsKing
Excellent story! I really love your whole take on Light Magic.

I hope your life settles down soon and you can get back to finishing this up Keep up the good work!
8/21 c160 121Kimberly T
Wow, what a story! It's taken basically every minute of reading time I could steal in the last two weeks to read it through to the current chapter. I'm really curious as to what will come next!

And I wonder... This story has really harped on Phineas Nigellus Black being a horrible person, for the wards he cast on Hogwarts and other buildings to keep people ignorant of the other schools' existence. But what other person do we know in canon who cast wards on buildings, at least one particular house in the muggle world, and who wanted one particular young man to be kept ignorant of a few important things? Why, he's even a fellow headmaster!

The point has been raised time and time again that Harry and Hermione feel no sexual attraction to each other, even though Harry is currently the Sexiest Wizard in the World and Hermione has recently experienced a sexual awakening as well (and has been turning heads with her beauty since the Yule Ball in 4th year.) There was a brief glimpse into Hermione's memories in chapter 146 that could explain why she thinks she's not sexually attracted to Harry - basically, ingrained denial from early in her Hogwarts years - but nothing so far to explain why Harry's not sexually attracted to Hermione.

My theory, which may be completely wrong I'll admit, is that Albus Dumbledore cast more wards on Harry than just the post-owl-avoidance ward that kept him from receiving fan mail (and hate mail) for all his childhood and Hogwarts years. The meddling old headmaster cast another ward that specifically dimmed any sexual attraction Harry might feel for Hermione Granger, or towards any muggleborn student for that matter. Why? Because if Harry fell in love with someone who had family in the muggle world and a means of disappearing easily from the wizarding world, then when the going got tough for the boy Albus was grooming to be his weapon against Voldemort, the boy might be tempted to just drop out of sight with his girlfriend instead. Can't have that!
8/13 c160 3triblood
Love revisiting this story - looking forward to next chapter!
7/27 c66 judotroy
I guess I'm finally dropping this story here, I got pretty far I'd say. The constant whining is rather tiresome. He cares way too much about the opinion of others and seems all too willing to cater his behaviour towards pleasing his critics. I'm sure it's all very realistic, but does tend to get boring if it's almost every single chapter.
5/14 c105 9Sargon Dorsai
This has been a delightful trip thus far! I really enjoyed the story and it's nice to see one that isn't all doom and gloom for Harry. Also a unique version of him. Thank you for sharing.

It seems like it's been a few months since this was last updated but I do hope you're planning on continuing it.
4/25 c8 RonRR
Well played.

You have already eluded to Hermione looking like Belatrix when she used the Black family spell on her hair.

Now Hermione’s mom notices her resemblance to the lead actress in Room with a view. A character played by none other than a 19 year old Helena Bonham Carter who would go on to play Belatrix in the HP films.

Thank you for writing,

4/19 c23 Guest
I usually get bored with really long stories, and I know I’m not that far in relatively speaking, but it’s all a delight and I can sticking with it til the end. Love this alternate Post-War life you have painted and your writing is very engaging.
4/16 c160 L
This is an absolutely wonderful coming of age story, I've enjoyed every chapter of it, I'm only sorry I've not managed to comment on each of them, in my defence I was stuck in bed until yesterday and plainly didn't have the energy.
I like how you describe Harry and all the others growing up - the additional POVs in the later chapters were really interesting.
And I enjoyed reading about all his friendships and relationships - I'm kind of glad you turned Hermione and him into twins instead of lovers as that tends to feel a bit pair-the-spairs-y if it doesn't come naturally in a story... I liked all his girlfriends though (well, not necessarily liked as in would want to be friends with, but like them as fictional characters), even Fiona, though I have to say I enjoyed his manwhore phase better and was a bit glad when they didn't work out, he's so young after all and I didn't 100% like seeing him trapped inside the happy family thing so early... On that note, love that Helena made him give that vow! The way you write him, Harry definitely needs to practice some restraint with falling in love :D
I also really love the Bellamys, and how you bring them and other nonmagical people into this magical world as actual three dimensional and nice people - they never really are in canon, and many fanfics make the same mistakes of never mentioning them or writing them off as inferior, which, as someone with a disability, always makes me cringe, because what is the lack of magic in a magical world but a literal disability, in this case muggles and squibs being unable to cast spells? And disabled people of all kinds are still humans who can fall in love and live life to the fullest, and they can have equal partnerships with able bodied people, so seeing Walter and Lucinda... Kudos to you for writing them that way! And you didn't ignore the difficulties they face either or tried to romanticise it, but wrote it so they chose their life together despite all that.
If/when you continue writing, I'll definitely keep reading! I hope you're doing well, managing with whatever life is throwing at you.
4/16 c52 swift35
I'm having fun reading this story. Thanks for writing. I especially like the antics Padfoot the Portrait gets up to.
4/14 c131 L
This story is absolutely wonderful, and I just saw it's still updating? Wow, it's already so bloody long!
4/4 c1 ruth hammond
I'm so glad that these recipes are not in any of my cook books! Creative mind you have there...
4/2 c157 balista
May I suggest bringing back ghost Sirius, Remus, James, and Lily for an episode to get their opinions on this Harry?
4/1 c158 balista
We haven’t even yet heard of Ginny’s promiscuous 6th year at Hogwarts.
4/1 c23 Runecutter
Oh, let the Snitch stay 150 points. At the beginning. Then lose 1 point every minute for the first hour (90 points at 1:00:00), 1 point every 3 minutes for the next two hours (50 points at 3:00:00) and then 1 point every 5 minutes for the next 5 hours (so -10 at 8:00:00 and after) with the Snitch staying the only thing that can end a game.

The intervals could be adapted, like expanding the time to go negative to 24 hours as we were lead to believe MANY games exceed a single day... but it should go negative in the end.
4/1 c147 balista
*”to attempt to recontact Harry and rekindle their (forbidden) romance at a later point.”*
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