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for Blood of the Sky

9/22 c1 krzys2000
Where that bit about transcendent sky came from?
8/29 c6 angeldunn1993
I love this story it keeps me interested and I can't wait for you to write more.
8/23 c6 6satorichiva
poor Tsuna ! I can't believe his elements left him, and even though I understand part of Yamamoto's feelings, Hayato is unforgiving! how could he do that! after everything they've been through!
At least Tsuna is not alone, he has his most loyal and territorial elements with him, I know they can help him manage his grief
please continue your story soon!
8/21 c1 Jireh Tan
Tsuna lighting's guardian did not betray him
8/15 c6 1diyelg
I love how it's going, your story is really amazing. I will be waiting for updates!
8/10 c6 11Ghostunderasheet
Okay I don't have anything helpful to say but I just need to talk about how fucking pure and precious you made all my favorite characters and they're so sweet even when they're murder-y and I love them so much and thank you for writing this! 3
8/6 c6 1S-Lioness
I hope your Omake comes true without Ryohei dying by anyone. I also sort of hopes that Reborn will kill Iemitsu
8/2 c6 11Mukuro234
Awesome chap!
7/30 c6 14twilightserius
Let xanxus know what the fudger did an sick the varia on them. Xanax would be a good bro
7/30 c6 2Nephlim-Diafire5
I want Nana kicks and yells at Iemistu for his stupidity and all when he tried to 'educate' his son for the first time of his life. Follow by Kyoya and his mists then the arcobaleno who finally land on Namimori.
Btw I love your story.
7/30 c6 Spazzer13
It’s a pack-family that has been hurt and with a specific known direction to go. Keep Tsuna safe and healthy and destroy anyone that disturbs it. They already have synergy to a degree as shown in the previous chapters with Tsuna as their connection to each other. Baka-mitsu will instantly show his colors in harming Tsuna by speaking a single sentence which will set off Tsuna’s family. I imagine they will be as if they are in a more merciless version of Battle Meditation from Star Wars with a synergy that would make them able to handle even the strongest in the world as if they were a mere brat. -Connection Established- Synergy Rate 500%- Goal: End Baka-mitsu- Initiating plan “RIP AND TEAR UNTIL THE DEED IS DONE!”-
7/29 c6 LoveFanFictionForLife
7/29 c6 CallmeCrazylol
Iemitsu: Steps into house
Mukuro, Chrome, Kyoya: So, you have chosen death
Tsuna: calmly eats cake
I can't wait to find out what happens next! Stay Safe!
7/29 c6 Knaruto
sorry I've no ideas but I can't wait for me! I know it will be epic and thanks for the update
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