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4/22 c16 4RomitriReader
Ahhhh this miscommunication is killing me! Just talk it outtttt
4/22 c17 MadelleZara
Thanks for another chapter! I hope Dimitri’s family will be able to make him see the light and fight for Rose. And she should try to work on the commitment issues!
Love the story and your writing!
Fingers crossed for some hot action between R and D soon ;)
4/21 c17 peggy
so good, they are so dumb. why can't they realize they want each other, but then the story would end. so i guess dimitri will go with tasha for a while and rose will give adrian a try.
4/21 c17 4BookDreamer98
Another great chapter. Sorry things aren’t too good for you right now, and hope they start to get better soon.
4/20 c17 russia2774
absolutely loving it please continue with the updates please
4/20 c17 Irina C
I loved this chapter ! I need them together again :)))))
I'm sorry for what happened to you. You will find someone who will be perfect for you !
4/15 c16 Guest
Me encanta esta historia! Por favor no la abandones!
4/15 c16 Irina C
I loved the chapter. It's ok that things are getting worse if we get Rose and Dimitri together in the end :))
4/14 c16 debpreato
Your very good at suspense and cliffies. Lol..I wanted to slap them both and saytell him/her how u feel!" The next Tasha /Roza run in should be interesting. Never trust Tasha. REALLY looking forward to the next chapters
4/14 c16 russia2774
Loving it lots more updates please
4/13 c16 1Dimka's chick
Dimitri is such an idiot. He basically came off saying that he wants to be with Tasha... how would Rose not be upset. He is very frustrating. He says he wants someone that is open about their feelings, but he isn't open and clear either. Double standards?
4/13 c16 12Alice-Roza
the chapter was great! yes I'm a little miffed because Dimitir is being an idiot, but I love your writing and your story! can't wait for your next update and hope you are well!
4/13 c16 deliriumintheheavens
Ahh! Angsty! I want to bash their heads together in frustration! Just talk to each other, you dummies
4/13 c16 peggy
how stupid is dimitri? he wants rose but he made it sound like he wanted tasha.
4/13 c16 Guest
Damn, that's crazy of Dimitri to think he could get Rose to open up after a couple weeks...I guess i'll check back in like 5 or 6 chapters to see how its goes lol
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