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5/9 c16 Guest
This is brilliant! This fic honestly got me into fanfiction, it’s so good. Two things: I’m pretty sure everyone here gets the circumstances and gets why the updates are slow. It’s fine. And second: When I thought this couldn’t get more wholesome, HOLLOW GRIMMCHILD!
5/6 c16 Guest
Yay! A new chapter! You're a great, honest author. I like the detail of Pendry switching his style of speech when talking to certain characters. It gives a more realistic impression of a person and the people they interact with. I like it, and the worldbuilding details and character development broadens with every chapter. The garb scene was cute and funny. I like the way Pendry and Grimm interact with each other at all in the story, and it feels fresh and unique. The ending to this chapter was so abrupt and sudden compared to the mostly slower approach that I couldn't help but laugh. :D
5/6 c16 1MrMateusz
I was wondering, how many vessels will be found? Because technically there were 4 vessels that escaped the Abyss: ghost, greenpath vessel, broken vessel and nosk vessel/s (i might have forgotten some) will you do that only one will be found? Because Pendry coming down to the abyss and finding 4 vessels instead of just one would be pretty interesting-
3/24 c15 Guest
I bet some cool things will happen once Hollow fully awakens the dream nail!
3/23 c15 Matt
Great chapter! Happy to see you are safe and sound, take care author!
3/23 c15 6TheHolyBlade
Oh Pendry, I feel bad for you. ;_; Thank you for the update! Love how you've been handling Ze'mer, she was my favourite character in the game right next to Ogrim. I like how you handled the Seer and her conversation with Pendry and Hollow. Loved the chapter.
3/23 c15 3Soul Sailor
Ahhh, this is so cool for a return!
2/18 c14 Soul Sailor
Perhaps her lover had some books from her village? Nice chapter!
2/3 c14 Guest
This story feels very different to other stories in the fandom. Instead of the Pale King being depicted as some evil bastard, he is shown to be a sincere, loving father, and i absolutely love that. The subtle and not so subtle symbolism in this story make for meaningful character and story building. This story is so wonderfully wholesome and humorous!
2/2 c13 Soul Sailor
I laughed, a lot. What a wonderful story! Please, feel free when you can to embroider more upon the tale when you feel ready. Have a very nice year and I hope the comment finds you well. Thank you ever so much for what you have already given.
1/22 c13 6TheHolyBlade
I love your Grimm. I really love your Grimm. I also love your Pendry. I actually like all of your depictions! Keep up the amazing job! Thank you for writing this.
11/25/2020 c13 Guest
"Of course he did. He had me to practice on for centuries.", Rydellia said.
Pendry only gasped and covered Hollow's ear holes. "Not before the children!"

I laughed way too hard at this moment. That was hilarious to imagine Pendry's actions.
I found it heartwarming when Pendry talked to Hollow on the balcony, and then Monomon comically interrupting it! This was another splendid chapter!
11/25/2020 c13 10possibly Gigan
hah, Hive Knight is a himbo
11/8/2020 c12 1JustaMegaMothim
That's a really nice story, I like it a lot. I look forward to seeing more of this fic!

Also, that's a quality Lurien headcanon right dere.
10/25/2020 c12 Guest
I really liked Hollow's character development and Pendry's parenting experience took action at the end there. The amount of objectives that you left for the next chapter or so will give me a lot of possibilities to think about. I'm especially interested in what instrument Hollow will take interest in playing.
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