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for After the War: The Remnant

8/10/2020 c5 57Animorphgirl
Is Amanda the same person who Jenn met?

Glad to see that you’re “back”. Another solid chapter. I wonder what happened to Marco, but I imagine we will find out soon.
3/15/2020 c4 Animorphgirl
Interesting chapter, although the parts about soccer pretty much went over my head! I'm a little surprised, given Olga's interest in Yeerks, that she only just recently got one. Also, neck pain? Was that ever part of the series? I would think that-especially after the war-a Yeerk would try to avoid doing anything to cause physical pain to their host. Especially since, during the war, most Yeerks probably had full control most of the time, and would be aware of physical pain more than their hosts. (see The Capture and The Departure for specifics)

Will you be reverting back to Jane and Lilly in the next chapter? That's one of the problems with writing fanfic with multiple character perspectives and different plot points-you're constantly having to prioritize one storyline with the others.

Anyway, glad to see you're back to writing. When you get a chance, I hope you'll read and leave feedback on my latest "Alliance" works and chapters.
1/13/2020 c3 Animorphgirl
Oooh, a nice cliffhanger! Love your integration of my headcanon of mental hugs. For future reference, there are levels of them! So, will the two Controllers team up with Jane and Lily?
12/31/2019 c2 5YPM-33-KI
Enjoying this fic a whole lot so far. Lilly and Jane are a great pair of main characters, and you've done a great job in showing their new relationship. I'll be sure to keep reading!
12/28/2019 c2 57Animorphgirl
You're making great progress with this story! I'm loving the friendship that Lilly and Jane have now, and it's great that Lilly's able to help Jane out when she needs it. Very unfortunate about Eva and Nora. I can't imagine that they'd let Yeerks into their heads, even Peace Movement ones, but I would imagine they would make a huge difference. Looking forward to your next installment.
12/16/2019 c1 Animorphgirl
Great start! Jane is very relatable and I look forward to seeing how she and Lilly adjust again to each other.

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