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for Have yourself an Australian Christmas

1/15/2020 c2 rondaday1
Excellent chapter and great story. More please
1/6/2020 c2 Guest
Thanks for the lovely fic, it was a great way to end the last day of the holiday season where I live (King's Day)
PS: I hope you and your loved ones are safe...my mom and I have cried every day thinking about this devastating tragedy Australia is facing...and we're literally on the opposite side of the world (the New Zealand area is my country's antipode), I cannot begin to imagine what someone with a closer connection might be going through. Have strength!
12/21/2019 c2 gamilton
Sweet ending! It would be a whole other story to go into Rumple, Snow, David, Belle, Ruby as well as Emma and Regina (who I believe is pregnant?). You gonna write a follow up? I hope...
12/21/2019 c1 gamilton
Wow! May I come along, too? Henry is still a very young "black and white" kid at this point, but as he matures a little more, he will start to see the "grays" and be more understanding...I hope!
12/16/2019 c2 CassieBard1472
id love to see a part two to this
12/16/2019 c2 Sammii16
Thank you

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