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9/19 c21 Guest
I have loved reading this story, you are such a wonderful writer. You did a great job showing Frodo's maturing and how he became the wise hobbit we see in LOTR. Thank you for your story!
9/21 c21 5Simbeline
That got a lot more dramatic than I was expecting. It was a really good end to Frodo's character arc and the final paragraphs broke my heart a little. Thank you for writing this fic :)
9/19 c21 114shirebound
This has been a wonderful story, and you wrapped it up beautifully. The combination of Baggins compassion and Gamgee nurturing and steadfastness are the heart and soul of Middle-earth, and you weave those themes beautifully throughout this tale. You're one of the first LOTR fanfic writers (perhaps THE first) that I discovered back in 2002, and I'm truly happy that you're still being inspired.
9/16 c20 shirebound
Oh my goodness, what a frightening end to a lovely picnic. As always, I feel as if I'm right there with your hobbits.

And "moon-silvered eyes", that's a lovely description.
9/12 c20 5Simbeline
Well that took a turn.

For a moment I genuinely thought you'd killed off young Bell. With most writers it's obvious when a death isn't for real but you've made so many brave decisions in this fic that it felt like you might actually do it. I'm glad you didn't but jeez I was scared for a minute. Well done at writing such an engaging story!
9/7 c19 114shirebound
Poor Frodo, and yet this was probably quite a healing experience. The past *does* tend to sneak up and ambush us all once in awhile.
8/26 c2 2Faerthurin
This is beautifully written! I love the development of the relationships between the characters.
8/15 c16 114shirebound
Febobe would have enjoyed this story immensely, and so did I. Just enough hurt, and lots of lovely comfort. :)
7/24 c14 46megSUPERFAN
"It's gone cold"- Frodo, you're sounding a little dramatic... oh, he was talking about the tea...
Well, Digby seems nice. :) I still feel a little bad for Frodo, but of course I would rather Bluebell be with the one she truly loves.
Can't wait to see what other adventures you have in store for Frodo!
7/24 c13 megSUPERFAN
I love visiting all these Shire traditions! I'm beginning to wonder... what's the mystery behind Bluebell?

You're such a talented writer. :)
7/24 c14 114shirebound
Oh no, poor Frodo. But you truly portray him as a 'gentlehobbit' in every sense.

LOL, "the pale, lukewarm liquid that passed for tea in this household." I have an image of Frodo and Bilbo being quite firm with the Elves in the West as to what did and did not constitute 'proper tea'. :)
7/18 c14 5Simbeline
Ouch my heart! I knew Bluebell and Frodo's relationship wouldn't end well but still I wasn't prepared for this.

It's an interesting parallel between Bluebell and Frodo that the most important people in their respective lives are from humbler backgrounds than themselves (though Sam might not be at that level of importance to Frodo yet).

This is such a good update and a very satisfying end to Bluebell's arc. But I do kind of hope there's a parallel universe somewhere where she and Frodo have a happy ever after haha
6/10 c12 14Bex
Still very nice. However, watching Frodo and Bluebell's slow-burn (apparent) courtship is sad, though...for obvious reasons.
6/2 c12 46megSUPERFAN
I thought hobbits gave presents to other people on their own birthdays? :)
But other than that, this chapter was so much fun. I love Bluebell- she's one of my favorite characters you've created. I especially love the idea of a shared reading tree; it sounds so cozy and sweet! I would have loved to attend Frodo's party in person, but reading about it is almost as good!
5/29 c11 megSUPERFAN
May's wedding! Pippin's book! Rosemary's tea! This chapter was full of delights, although I pity poor Bluebell. I hope Frodo won't be asked to tea again too soon. :D
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