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5/13 c10 47megSUPERFAN
The description of Mistress Proudfoot's outfit made me smile. :) And oh, Bluebell is a sweetheart and I love her, and tiny "Pumpkin" and her fairy! Not to mention I smile every time I read "Dandelion Clocks"... Wonderful chapter!
5/2 c2 Bex
Excellent! Many people new to reading Tolkien find his Shire exposition tedious - but I always Adored Fellowship the most of the 3 volumes, mostly due to his loving descriptions of the hobbit lifestyle (a nostalgic homage to the UK's 19th century though it was, with its traditional dance between the Landed Gentry and the Workers), as he set up exactly what Frodo was defending, and ultimately, forgoing as his ultimate sacrifice.

I find your very plausible fleshing out of what Tolkien mostly briefly described in the first part of Fellowship both soothing and interesting, for the same reasons.

Well done!
4/12 c9 114shirebound
"That youngster could talk the hind leg off a side of beef" ... I love that so much. What a wonderful story, Elwen, and I know Febobe would have loved it. Food and danger and healing and friendship, magic and food and healing and food... ! Thank you so much for this.
4/11 c9 47megSUPERFAN
"Frodo decided that now was not the time to point out that any trouble his Uncle Bilbo had landed in was at Gandalf's instigation." Ha!
Wonderful work- a little excitement and danger in this chapter! And oh, sweet Pippin! I love it, and it's always good to see Gandalf when he's least expected!
4/9 c8 5Simbeline
I'd been meaning to read the chapters 7 and 8 for a while but haven't been able to get into the right head-space. They were a welcome break from all the nonsense. A little hobbit gentleness indeed 3

Hope you're keeping safe
4/2 c8 47megSUPERFAN
It's good to visit the Shire again when I can't leave my house. :D Thanks for writing! I think I'm falling a little more in love with Sam each new chapter, and I love the hobbit-and-dwarf interactions! Well done.
3/17 c7 megSUPERFAN
Every chapter you write is welcomed with open arms. :) I love visiting Middle-earth through your stories! Frodo's finding his feet a little more each new chapter, doing new things but still being and becoming the same Frodo. Sam is precious as always, and I find it amusing that the main thing the Dwarves remember about Bilbo is "that wee bit o' bother over the Arkenstone"!
Only one question from me: When will Fredegar earn the name "Fatty Bolger"? :P
2/28 c2 Travis
After the second chapter of this story. All I can say is what a good read. I am really enjoying it. Well done!
2/27 c6 megSUPERFAN
Oh, dear, dear Frodo... I'll admit my eyes misted a little during this chapter, to see the Gamgees and especially Hamfast living with their great loss, to see Marigold and Sam struggling a little to keep their family going, and to see Frodo doing something sly for the good of others exactly like Bilbo would.
You've kept a steady theme of 'family' going strong, both in this story and in "Bell's Table", and every chapter becomes more precious; we learn and understand a little more about these characters and the things we aren't told about in the books. Excellent, beautiful work!
2/1 c5 49Frodo Baggins of Bag End

2/1 c5 47megSUPERFAN
I was only going to read the first few sentences and save the rest until tomorrow morning, but.. I think you know why I had to read the whole thing.
I miss Bell so much it's hurting- I've read so much from you of her life and her family and kindness... and somehow, she's still here. Well written chapter, even though it aches.
1/17 c1 9EverleighBain
Ooh, my own very introverted self finds the idea of dealing with all these nosy hobbits very overwhelming! Frodo handles himself and his difficult relatives well here. I am glad Merry is there too to help him—what a stellar glimpse of a clever young hobbit and the beginnings of a friendship that will someday be sung of all across the West.

All of your details are really lovely—from the interior of Bag End to the food Mistress Gamgee brings. I am glad to see not all of Frodo’s neighbors are so troublesome!
1/17 c4 margie-me
I witnessed a cousin give birth: the only time in person in my life. Television and films truly give you no real idea of it! And to think, for thousands of years there was no hospital, doctors, monitors or epidurals for pain. The way you describe everything puts the reader there, like it or not! Giving life is a miracle, bringing both pain and joy. Thanks for Bell's sensible experience, and hats off to Frodo for staying and trying to be of use, even he was discomfited by it all. Barti's outburst when he suddenly arrived-priceless! Poor Frodo-no being shy in this situation, though. As for poor dear Bell, her time seems to be ending, but at least she's witnessed her first grandchild, a girl who will be her namesake! You have a keen way of putting things. What talent!
1/17 c3 margie-me
Ah, another gentle stroll into homey and warm Hobbit life! Been off reading other things, but I kept waiting for your posts, notwithstanding. It's like passing through a vale into a long ago life I've never lived, but yearn for in dreams. Can't thank you enough for sharing this bit of brightness and love. In dear Bell, Frodo has mother-love and home to anchor him, even as he misses dear Bilbo she doesn't allow him to be swallowed in melancholy. And all the other Gamgees watch out for him, too. They are the prime example of being poor, yet rich. The young Master of Bag End is bless with them. Then, you mention Frodo holding the ring, almost in passing, like an afterthought. Was it a deliberate step to leave the word itself in small case? No threat yet, but Gandalf's injunction was not meant lightly.
1/16 c4 47megSUPERFAN
A lot happened in this chapter, wow. Poor, poor Bell...
Tell the Brockbanks and Gamgees congratulations from me! :) Frodo did a great job, and oh, little Bell is gorgeous.
Lovely writing as always!
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