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for A Small Gesture of Great Impact

5/25 c28 5Clearwing Yuta
Thank you for this awesome story!
5/25 c28 Morriganna
Very well done. I would love an epilogue where Anakin sees his family again.
5/25 c9 4TrueUtopian
I recently saw someone's review of the Revenge of the Sith comic, and one of his criticisms is the telling how bad the Republic/the empire is without showing it, including the public having a distrust of the Jedi or the senate. We only have the point of view of the aristocracy, as a matter of speech. Focusing on a humble baker is a wise choice, it almost made me relate to the situation, although I won't expand on this one.
5/23 c27 Updated
You’re a damn good writer, Making me cry and stuff ain’t no small feat.
5/23 c27 Jeda31
Oh my word, that was an absolutely brilliantly exquisite written masterpiece of a finale to the final duel of fates concluding on Mustafar after that on Coruscant.

Utterly loved Dooku’s attempt to use the natural landscape and dark side shadows of the planet to his advantage backfired as Kenobi came up with a brilliantly fantastic counter attack tactic to deal with it.

Though favourite part without a doubt was the outstanding heartbreakingly beautiful mournful moment of the loss of Anakin and Sidious and what it meant for both protagonists. In partucuslrly to showing that Kenobi is human after all and not immune to making mistakes in the face of such inhumanity from Dooku. Great up see that Qui Gon was able to snap him out of it and remind him of who he is and what Anakin would have wanted.

Intrigued to see what Dooku does next and the Jedi orders next move is in the face of the hard fought and tragic price of victory over Sidious.
5/23 c27 3DaniDarth
When I read "Obi-Wan" I really thought it was going to be Anakin's ghost! But you know, I'm just sentimental like that! lol
Can't wait to see what Dooku does from here on!
5/22 c26 18SpencerBrown
Holy cats. What a powerful moment and decision for Anakin!
I imagine the death of Sidious might do more to convince Dooku than Obi’s arguments...
Thanks for writing and sharing! This is so much fun!
5/22 c26 11Transformers g1's-Prime
I had a feeling you would go with this route in the end, and I'm not disappointed. Having Anakin accept death, rather than fear it, is the true mark of a Jedi. Though I can't say that Palps's death is gonna go over easily with the galaxy, considering the Jedi and their allies will have to get through decades, if not centuries, of Sith corruption to deal with and Palpatine's supporters in the Empire like Tarkin and Sate Pestage.

Curious to see how the duel between Obi and Dooku will end, especially on Kenobi's end, seeing how his brother just died along with the Sith Master.

Keep up the good work!
5/21 c26 17DarylDixon'sLover
This is heartbreaking
5/21 c26 Noob6
and so Anakin passes on into the force, Sidious defeated
5/21 c26 Guest
aahhgg! that cliffhanger!
5/21 c26 Jeda31
Oh my god that was an absolutely magnificent and kick ass awesomely incredible humdinger of a new chapter.

Didn’t see that coming but Anakin sacrificing himself in order to save the galaxy, his family, the Jedi order and to destroy Sidious makes perfect sense and is an epic fulfilment of the prophecy of the chosen one and a for him to go out into the bargain. Loved god Sidious use of his favourite weapon backfired on him spectacularly and was the means by which Anakin took him down.

The battle between Anakin, Yoda and Sidious was absolutely magnificent duel of the fates in scintillatingly glorious detail with each of them doing their all and showing of all the force skills power and duelling prowess’s their disposal to defeat their opponent. Making for a brilliantly exquisite free for all of vivacious stunning no holds barred destructive and deadly arts of the sword and force.
5/21 c26 3DaniDarth
Oh no! Your Anakin was so well written. I'm so sad he's dead. But I understand.. I love bittersweet endings too.
5/21 c26 4AnnikaSkywalker05
... all I can say is WOW
5/21 c26 Morriganna
Anakin met his destiny at last. Damn.
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