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for A Small Gesture of Great Impact

5/19 c25 3DaniDarth
I loved the connection between experiencing the death of a star and the origin of Anakin's fear. So beautifully written.
We're coming up to the ending, aren't we?
I am waiting anxiously for that big final battle!
5/18 c25 Noob6
the senate vs Yoda and Anakin :)
5/18 c25 4AnnikaSkywalker05
Oooh can’t wait for Yoda and Anakin to fight side by side! It’ll probably remind me of the fight in Yoda’s vision from CW S6
5/18 c25 Jeda31
Oh my word that was one jaw dropping awesome and magnificently show stopping humdinger of a new chapter. Was an utterly majestically brilliant actioned pack and fantastically terrific duel of the fates between the masters of forms two and three of lightsabre combat as a battle of form, finesse and tactical strategic planning in epic duel.

A duel that was brilliantly contrasted by the lead up and sinisterly delightful and exquisite banter between Yoda, Anakin and Sidious that was for the ages and the sheer battle of power, mastery of the force, brute force and unique powers that will be the other duel of the fates that is about to begin and send pulses straight through the force in tandem with the other for as long as they last and the battle between good and evil hangs in the balance.

Plus loved how Kenobi showed that he is now the master of his form and fabulously giving the count a run for his money and then some as he looks to have him in the ropes and then some that the count is deliciously finding very difficult to counter and get out of as he is pushed to his limits. As do believe that Episode three Kenobi can take and defeat Dooku and love forward to seeing him do it.
5/18 c25 3tejdog1
How can Yoda and Anakin ever hope to defeat The Senate?
5/18 c8 4TrueUtopian
I'm sensing a theme through this tale. Quoting an old hippy with millions of fans, "truth will set you free", right? That is the theme of the tale. I'm enjoying it, and I wish to see more of Dooku and Palpatine noticing the odd changes in the timeline, heh. Can the Force allow changes in timelines? I mean, it does appear to do anything but that.
5/18 c7 TrueUtopian
"And the Zabrak who killed Qui-Gon is dead..."

Well, that made me laugh." His friendship with Palpatine is precisely why he is to stay in the dark" seems almost like an unintentional pun. Or perhaps intentional? Unintentionally intentional? Ok ok, I'm done here.
5/18 c25 tyleralmquist7
Ok you are an amazing writer, thank you so much for this story. This chapter was just absolutely brilliant, I just adored the scene with Obi-Wan and Dooku, it was amazing. That cliffhanger you left is going to eat at me until you get back to them, well done.
5/13 c24 Jeda31
Well, well that was a truly epic and sensationally thrilling preambles to to what will the main event and final battles and fuels of fates between the respective masters of the Jedi and Sith orders as they fight it out with the fate of the galaxy at stake.

Loved how you depict the glorious arrogance and overconfidence of Sidious on believing he knows what is going to happen and how it is going to backfired on him. While the banter between between the two elegant and more aristocratic sabre minded duellists on Mustafar Emma’s deliciously idealistic and ironically played and perfectly apt background to their duel. Which I eagerly looking forward to reading alongside that of Sidious vs Yoda and Anakin.
5/11 c23 18SpencerBrown
Holy cats! You’ve certainly raised the stakes!
This story has surprised me from beginning to end and I can’t wait to see what’s coming next.
Thanks for writing and sharing!
5/10 c23 3DaniDarth
Well, I certainly was expecting that!
Great chapter!
5/10 c23 Jeda31
Well, well didn’t see that coming with regards to Kenobi plan attempt at redeeming Dooku and making use of his reputation and political acumen as heir apparent to set the republic back to rights. Though in tandem with plan to slay Sidious at the same time is fraught with danger and knowing their luck something is going to go badly wrong and suspect that both Sidious, Yoda and Dooku could be dead by the be of it, when the climatic dust settles in the duel of fates.
5/10 c23 4AnnikaSkywalker05
Ooh an excellent chapter! I can’t wait to see these fights (or fight depending on how the Dooku thing goes)
5/8 c22 3DaniDarth
Well, what can I say other than your story made me sit and read for much longer than I should? Outstanding.
Master Fisto's death was beautifully written, heartbreaking. I suppose I bring it up because of it was my favourite part.
Other than that, wonderful. Just wonderful.
I wait eagerly to read more!
5/7 c22 Guest
This is great! The different view points contributed to the affect. The Jedi watching the Sith lie to the senate and being able to do nothing was intense.
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