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5/7 c22 Jeda31
And this is how liberty dies with thunderous applause is the perfect adage and sentiment to espouse what I feel about the travesty and manipulation that was that farce and culmination of many years of Sith treachery and politicking.

Very nice tribute and farewell to the Jedi orders, past, fallen members and traditions lost and left to fall by the wayside in the wake of Order 66 and very intriguing inside into how the new streamlined and remaining Jedi order are adapting and surviving the new situation and world that the galaxy has evolved into following revenge of the Sith. So brilliantly seen through the respective viewpoints of the Skywalkers, Kenobi and the council as well
5/7 c4 3DaniDarth
Your writing is absolutely stunning! I love, love, love this story! Thank you so much for sharing it!
5/4 c21 Guest
This is great! Is that dagobah?
5/2 c21 Jeda31
Ah that was a very intriguing and fantastically beautiful filler chapter. As the board has been wiped clean and set anew for the next round that will be the war of the Jedi vs Sith Empire.

Loved how you had the scene between Sidious and Dooku exposing his flaws in thinking, emotions and mentality regarding lingering ties to the Jedi and their fate and riding himself of such naïveté to rule at his masters side as the rule of Two prepare to rule.
4/20 c5 4TrueUtopian
I love the trope of the main villain being hidden among the heroes, doing silly stuff. Palpatine hasn't run since he was a kid? Silly him, he ran with two Jedi while fleeing from Grievous!

Since this is Legends, I wonder how the robo general is like. I like his introduction in the 2003 cartoon.
4/17 c4 TrueUtopian
Anakin punching Dooku in the face must have felt very good. I, for one, I'm laughing at the idea.

I must correct you, but pitch black is incorrectly written as "bitch black" in the third paragraph of Dooku's point of view. I'm sure Dooku, a gentleman, wouldn't use such vulgar language.
4/15 c3 TrueUtopian
There is a small typo here. "Dooku's first reaction was to say laugh and say "impossible". Don't you mean "was to laugh and say"?

Interesting chapter. It's almost like Palpatine and Dooku know that there was a change in the timeline or something. Pardon my terms, I've been into stories with those kind of plots lately.
4/13 c2 TrueUtopian
I never heard of Siri. One of those elements of Legends I wasn't aware of. Sounds like an interesting woman. I found the dialogue of the riders quite silly, since you're quoting Lucas's script with the "men, women and children". It was necessary, as Obi-Wan gave him a great advice, but still.
4/13 c1 TrueUtopian
I had to double check if the clenched-jaw insistence is a real thing. Admittedly I'm not too versed in the Star Wars mythos, but like always this was a pleasant read. I like the way Obi-Wan is written, including Anakin's jovial side.
4/9 c20 Guest
This is great. I liked the Anakin and Yoda interaction. Should give them a better feel for just how deep the connection to the now part of the force is.
4/8 c20 Jeda31
Oh my word, this epically awesome and incredible action packed gem of a story gets better and better with each new chapter. Was brilliant to see in the last few chapters the respective plans and manipulations of the Sith and the Jedi reach their climax as everything comes to a climatic head as the republic falls and the empire rises and the forces of good ensure their very survival to fight another day, meaning that Sidious grip on Power due to the limited success of order 66 could be measured in days or weeks not years.

Plus loved that whole epoch of the force moment that Anakin and Yoda shared at the moment of order 66 commencement to feel, see and hear the fate or survival of Jedi brother’s and sisters and the darkness threatening to consume the galaxy as the die is now casted.
4/8 c20 Guest
That was an excellent chapter. Truly, can’t wait for more.
4/8 c2 aigneis
This story is so well written. I loved conversation between Anakin and Obi-Wan. I'm glad those iconic characters are behaving and takiing like themselves in canon.
4/8 c20 4AnnikaSkywalker05
Ooh I loved this! Best chapter so far! Keep it up
4/8 c20 HaywireEagle
Their current starfighters actually have hyper-drives. They just lack shielding in any form.
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