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for Battle for Christophsis

7/27 c3 Just a reader
Covie perspective of ground battle, front lines.
2/24 c3 3Earthpatriot117
This sounds AWESOME! Xd
1/8 c3 joeyginise
Is Vader an option?
1/6 c3 Banana
I don't care if the unsc is coming or not.

The thing is...if you is using this as an exercise...you are doing a piss poor job at it.

The fight and the detail isn't bad though it Is a bit all over the place.

The problem being is that you have given no background information, nothing to actually set the setting. We got no actual details of the forces fighting each other.
1/6 c3 beard boy
I would like some front line fighting from the Covenant perspective.
1/6 c3 Cooldude
Sweet. But are these guys normal covies or post war covie loyalists?
1/5 c3 2Archodus Vaxal
A Lance of Skirmishers outflank Imperial Scouts in the abandoned side-streets of Christophsis, and are saved from an AT-ST by the timely intervention of a few Locusts.
1/5 c3 6Jebest4781
well this was pretty nice
1/5 c3 Granet
I have to admit I enjoy the last two chapters, even if the story doesn't become popular, I still like to read your story of the empire vs covanet. And I'm all for ship to ship or more ground combat myself
1/5 c3 Carlosxvx
This is trash,
You have buffed The empire so much,
Fucking empire cock sucker.
12/25/2019 c2 Just a reader
I want to see a ground battle
And it’s probably because the covenant would decimate Imp forces.
Covenant have both sangheili and jirlhanae forces who are fast, strong and shielded and sometimes have active camouflage. Unggoy who are small but would outnumber storm troopers and tear them apart if a poor squad of troopers ran into a hoard of grunts. Kig Yar snipers who are probably more lethal than any enemy in the covenant ( if halo 2 legendary has anything today about it,) plus kig yar with portable energy shields that protect most of their entire frame. Mgalekgolo who will easily break through storm trooper lines and can act as anti-vehicle forces (I’m looking at you you chicken looking at-st’s). Covie scarabs are more nimble and have a stronger main cannon than at-ats and scarabs have anti-air plasma cannons too.
Plus plasma weapons would tear through storm trooper armor easily. (I mean, come on, Imp armor is supposed to protect the troopers, instead, they get killed by one Measly shot of a blaster rifle easily.)
Overall, I am quite confident the covenant would win in a ground engagement.
But who knows, maybe the Imps might be able to hold out better than I would expect.
12/23/2019 c2 dwdadw33
just a question but what role do UNSC and UEG play in this fanfiction ?
12/22/2019 c1 Banana
I'm confused with the plot a bit. Is this covenant? Is this post covenant as the covenant storm? Is this the sword? Is this a joint force with the unsc?
12/22/2019 c2 Cooldude
BRILLIANT. Keep it up!
12/22/2019 c2 Jebest4781
this was pretty good here. keep up the good work
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