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8/18 c3 Cooldude101011
You know a single round from a super Mac would of gutted the Executor.
4/4 c3 Guest
You do realize that the Infinity's main guns punched through a ship several times the size of the death star. And would likely have gutted the Executor in one volley.

The Infinity actually has more guns and missiles than the Executor has Turbolaser batteries. Just saying. The Infinity would have gutted the Executor at that point.
1/2 c3 Guest
Good story 2 problems I have space are little to short I know some space battles for both franchises can be quick but make them last a little longer and the info the empire got was way to quick and unnoticed for my liking some one should have noticed especially the unsc because of their AI if the info was from them but in all good story so far.
12/28/2019 c4 Rando guy
You shouldn’t start over just please rewrite the chapters people are complaining about like chapter 3 and make them more realistic in general. Try to have the reasons on how thrawn knows the location of halo verse worlds like how he had to work hard to get the info. Good luck and happy new year!
12/28/2019 c1 E
I'm not even going to consider reading this till the spelling error in the summary is fixed. That's generally a pretty good indicator of a bad story.
12/28/2019 c4 Cooldude
The problem with this fic is that it is quite unrealistic in how it portrays (halo especially tho) characters, factions, lore, stats, etc. just please do better in your next halo Star Wars fanfiction. Also you don’t need to make a new fic just rewrite this one
12/25/2019 c3 Banana
You admitted to nerfing the unsc...in terms of their combat powers. Sure and you still have the range correct.

Problem. Protocols are still in effect. You also ignored the fact that star wars...is really primitive when it comes to cyber and thus electronic warfare. They literally have no capacity to hack...ANYTHING. remember that their cyber security is so poor that instead of digitally keeping things on files, they kept them on hard disks. The empire or stars wars in general has no experience with this. And their droids, despite having physical bodies are literally inferior to even dumb unsc . they literally have no chance at hacking. Thrawn has zero ability to read up on any of these species. He might be able to get some information from the banished. But then it's nothing.

Chapter 3 requires still a rewrite. Cause you not only weakened the unsc fleet capabilities, which wasn't actually that weak. As most of their colonies were actually left untouched and they still have access to ship graveyards as most of the ships that got hit. Were largely left intact. Crew died mostly from either being depressurized or radiation.

The unsc were the giants during the years following the human covenant war.

Then before you try this, I'm cutting you out before. Interdictors or gravity wells have zero effect on slipspace. Slipspace doesn't have interference, it doesn't care. The only way it has ever been stopped were from the precursors and the flood. Nothing else has that level of control.

So yeah...lots of lore mistakes...chapter 3 requires rewrite
12/23/2019 c3 Guest
unsc do a bluff sent a message claiming they know their military worlds and nova bomb 1 to have them beefed up defense giving the the halo worlds more time to regroup.
12/22/2019 c3 Cooldude
This is ridiculous atriox is smarter than that, the ODPs would fire first and one or two would target the SSD. There are two types shields, the main shields on a ship are the most powerful and only affect energy and plasma weapons while the other type of shields on ships are kinetic shields but are very very weak and are only used as navigation shields, etc. you need to rewrite this fic so you portray the factions, tech and characters correctly.
12/22/2019 c2 Guest
When's chapter 3?
12/23/2019 c3 4Mend1cant Bias
I don’t think you’ve really played halo wars 2 to begin with, you completely made Atriox OC. There’s a damn reason why he was a untouchable thorn in the Covenants side, “they almost got us, but Atriox? They never came close. The whole damn Covenant couldn’t contain him at the height of their power” -Isabel.
My last comment still stands on the fact that the Empire is leaving their systems open to rebel attack, last I checked, they don’t really have the resources to be fighting a uncharted war.
12/23/2019 c3 2Valerious Lake
No the problem I have with this story is how the fuck the empire just suddenly all locations of UNSC. Especially Reach. Is Cole Protocol not important anymore? Because I'm calling using force bullhit that suddenly oh look there's Reach let's go attack from quarter a galaxy from Harvest to Reach.

You even mention that the empire has no info about their enemies.

Also about the force again that points the location of Reach. No it's mention the Emperor simply sence the disturbance in unknown region, not sudden having all locations of the UNSC and Sangheili's colonies.
12/22/2019 c3 1Azrael The Deplorable
How does the Empire even know about the colonies of any species in dark space. Forget what it's called. Atriox is a tactian as much as he is a brutal brute. Him rushing in like this is uncharacteristic of him. The other Jiralhanae, yes. He would know personally what the dangers of being in range of supermac platforms. Not fun. Shit, he could try to suck the imperials into a killing lane with the supermacs, unsc warships, and sword ships. The UNSC abandoning a colony? Really? Imperial navy trying to invade Reach? It really depends on the recovery of UEGs economy and the state of which Reach is in now. Still glassed, no, pre-war state with it's massive shipyards and supermac platform array? HELL NO! They would have to do what the Covenant does. Deploy transports (outside of SMAC range) to the planet, find the powerplant, and destroy it. SMAC platforms were the ones that had to go if the covenant were to invade a planet with them. Period. They can easily put down teratons down range with with one minute recharge rate. The imperial navy would be feeling those macs.

The same thing with the sangheili. They are definitely not the best allies, but they are definitely not stupid enough to put all of their eggs in one basket. All of their respective fleets all in one system? NO.

One last thing, how the hell does Thrawn even know half this shit about each species if the force failed to get anything out of the Jiralhanae and he died shortly afterwards? How did thrawn even know that the locations were even important or even their colonies? How did Thrawn even get intaminte knowledge of the SoS, UNSC, and Jiralhanae? This is dark space. The reason for this is all the gravitational forces that disrupt travel through it. So how the the hell can they just will Billy travel throughout the part of space with so little knowledge of where they are going or even if their going to the right place.
12/22/2019 c3 Carlosxvx
He should be dead,
A S-mac is capable of shooting a 3000 ton slug at 4% The speed of ligth, around 56 gigatons, thats more than what The strongest imperial ship can handle,
And you make it seem like The unsc has no other fleets its stupid,
And secondly by The years 2555 there were no old ships,
Just in The first year after The war around 3000 frigates and 400 crusiers were created in The sol sistem,
Shitty story and nerfing The halo universo.
12/19/2019 c1 Guest
The empire, in subtlety, is massively fucked. In system fighting from rebel elements, but now a coalition of new species That some can give a Wookie a run for their money in terms of strength (Legkolo, Jiralhanae, and elites). But also spending fleet assets is a detrimental risk for protection of planets and systems
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