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4/28 c16 Ohmicrofilm
Like I knew it was coming, but still was like oh my goodness! It’s them! And that cliffhanger! I also really get Anna’s reasoning for going to Mexico. I am also one of those people who kind of have to be in control of everything, and can get a bit weird of Trying to finding control in big situations, so that hit home. Anyway, an awesome chapter! Hope you’re staying safe with everything!
4/28 c16 donnieandtiff
Omg sooo good! I can’t wait to read more! Please post again soon.
4/28 c16 1twibe
Aw come on! Give us more! Longer chapters please! So good!
4/22 c15 dots-fiction
honestly 15 chapters in and im like "oooh her and brian sound like a good idea" but then you shot me down a couple times after that kiss lol but lets see what happens next haha still, poor girl is going through a lot of shit right now damn
4/22 c15 Ohmicrofilm
Oh my goodness, I feel so bad for Anna. That is such a scary thing to happen to a person, and to kind be really alone through it all, can make you go a little crazy. It was a really great chapter! There hasn’t been anything I’ve disliked, but I’m always up for more on Anna and her friends, especially out side of work. It would be cool to know a bit more on Lisa. Anyway, I really enjoy your story! You area a really great writer!
4/15 c14 1breezzylife12
Hi! There is something wrong with this chapter
4/14 c14 Queen24824
I don’t know if it’s just my phone or a glitch but there’s a bunch of font styling code stuff in between the text in this story. Can’t wait to read more of this story though
4/9 c13 donnieandtiff
Excellent chapter! I’m curious how far along they will have to play at being newlyweds...
3/31 c12 Ohmicrofilm
A great chapter! I’m glad Brian acted as he did, but things returned to normal. I loved the end too!
3/31 c12 donnieandtiff
awesome chapter as always...can't wait to read more! I'm glad that Brian reacted the way he did and that he let her suffer a little while first LOL.
3/25 c11 donnieandtiff
I really hope you keep this story going. It’s really good so far. Love it!
2/18 c9 Ohmicrofilm
Poor Brian. I love that him and Anna are becoming real friends, but I just feel so bad for him. I never really thought of what life would have been like coming back from the events of the first two movies, and transitioning back to law enforcement would be isolating. Another great chapter!
2/18 c9 1twibe
Aw I really like their friendship
2/13 c8 Ohmicrofilm
Still love every bit of this story! I am so glad that Anna has Lisa. And even if things may be a bit weird at the moment, Brian too. Also, the news from the newest FF movie has me hyped about the series again, and I’m extra glad that you’ve written some awesome stories! Thank you!
1/21 c6 Ohmicrofilm
Hi there! I’m really excited about your story. Chapter 6 seems to have gone a bit funny though.
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