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9/19 c3 jascr2010
i completely agree with what your saying it happens to much to be honest.
the storyline is good and for someone who isn't writting in their first language you do a pretty good job.
never let anyone's opinions get to you no matter what they say after all it's what you think that matters for your writting.
9/13 c1 Kasier
I like it
8/7 c34 Cure Yaoi
I will only say that I did not know that I wanted a story of harry potter and sailor moon together until I read this beautiful story that I am reading through a translator since my English is very bad and I am from Merida Yucatan Mexico
8/5 c34 Rising Phoenix-82
Can't wait for next chapter.
7/31 c34 666Neko
great chapter thanks so much for this update
7/31 c34 James Birdsong
Good chapter
7/31 c34 Trixia Oliver
Mas gente... Pensa numa pessoa que foi toda fangirl com esse momento final... Toda eu.
7/31 c34 4SailorPoison666
I was wondering how Kunzite and harry would be paired up. They do make a cute couple in this story.
7/27 c33 Lady Kaiki
Love it !
7/27 c33 James Birdsong
This seems a beautiful story
7/27 c33 666Neko
great chapter thanks so much for this update love your work
7/27 c33 crystalputri
ohhh poor harry.. (sob sob). why Beryl-sama jeaslous with harry? she love endymion not kunzite
7/27 c33 SailorPoison666
But this chapter was still awesome.
7/22 c32 1cefiro marino
(/ o \\\) I love
7/17 c32 crystalputri
waaahhh kunzite in action..
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