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1/12 c1 SomeOldBloke
Neat episode; I should start trying to gather them together to keep track of the overarching story arc. Its intersting to see some reveals on Kyon's motivation (casual dating?).

Haruhi was always going to be on a loser here. Kyon with all his wits around him (and remembering Shiro) probably wouldn't have questioned Haruhi's mother, never mind Kyon in a panic and focussed on trying to escape the encounter. I can see why she'd go this way, but also knows Kyon well enough to have tried something a bit more leading, or at least not have expected him to have raised it immediately.

I had it in the back of my mind that Kyon's intent to "investigate" would have a (not at all high) upper limit on the amount of effort to be expended once (or if) he reflected on how it might be done. Something along the lines of asking other SOS members (and concluding none would be helpful)

Kyon's "something's up" radar really needs a bit of tuning :). It was suspicious enough just with the invite, never mind bumping into Haruhi.

Some asides: "star-crossed" reference, neat.

Kyon probably ought to welcome others thinking he and Haruhi are closer than he insists - if he really did want to date anyone else (although if not he probably still wouldn't have a reason to care). I realise his alarm is rooted in his actually being closer to Haruhi than he claims, just saying.

PS - you're welcome.
1/2 c1 4The Pairing Guy
Great stuff! I enjoyed the twists and the fact that there isn't a convenient happy ending. Sometimes your friends let you down and that's all there is to it, and there's no convenient opportunity for redemption. You just have to move on with your lives, and hopefully heal over time.

Haruhi's mother being so mundane is funny. It's not just a case of the apple happening to fall far from the tree (which it does sometimes do), it actually makes sense. It helps explain why Haruhi was so desperate to live an exceptional life. She may have seen in her mom an example of how dreary and wasteful a person can be when they are completely ordinary, and feared she would turn into her mother. And Kyon ends up having to deal with both of them, representing the two extremes. Even if he enjoys Haruhi more than he claims, this is still a humorously awkward situation for him.
1/1 c1 fencer29
Perhaps this really was yet another time-travelling mission, with Older Mikuru having somehow planted the seeds in Haruhi's subconscious that this "chance encounter" might be a good idea (or she could simply remember having gone through these events when she was younger and wants to ensure that the time line is not altered).
12/24/2019 c1 iniminimagimo
Ahhh poor Haruhi getting disillusioned about Kyon's potential. If only she could watch "The disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya" and see the Kyon that shed blood and tears for a life in the SOS Brigade like we do.

It seems like Haruhi and Kyon are losing their chemistry. Can't wait to see how your are going to resolve that matter whether it be bad or good!

Thank you again and I look forward to your next work!

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