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for Falling Tiles

12/24/2019 c1 19CarawynO
Ah the bravery of these poor young men... They're doomed, they know it, but they still fight on for what they believe in. That's a hero, in my mind.
12/23/2019 c1 12nekokenna
*breathing heavily* WHYYYYYYYYYY ahhh every time it happens...I just...I can't... Wow you're such a good author. I love it and hate it at the same time what is happening to me ahhhhhh! I look forward to your next update! Your friend, Kenna
12/20/2019 c1 11civilizedrevolutionary

I can't. I can't go on. Oh god, Bossuet's arm, I was horrified, and then I remembered this wasn't a "chance of them surviving" AU and it wouldn't matter in the end *sobs*

Perfect Bossuet. PERFECT. His characterization is so good here, his optimism/readiness to fight and die all the same even though he KNOWS what's coming...I'm feeling a lot of things right now and Joly and Combeferre's reactions are not helping.


(that is a tear running down that face because you have to smile through the pain, right? It's what Bossuet would want...)

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