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4/17 c7 Swampus
Is it bad that as soon as they talked in the hallway I knew what was going to happen?
4/17 c3 Swampus
Been a minute since I've read any of your work, just wanted to say that it is very refreshing and fulfilling to read something written by someone who honestly seems to know how things work, alot of this seem to mirror the way people act and the way things happen in my unit lol, anyways keep up the good work and know that the 91Bs in 24CTC at fort Riely are very interested in this story.
4/1 c8 Broman
Apologies for not reviewing the past chapters. I thought I did one for six, but since the number of chapters versus the actual chapter count varies from story, I got it wrong. Also life is a bitch.

So Moss finnlly let his soul vent. At least he can get some sortve peace from it all. I think it was very cool when you brought what's her face at the very end, I wondered who she was untill you tied it all together like you always do.

Kinda sad to see this fic go, even if it wasn't a pew pew fic.
Always looking forward to your fics man. They are seriously a breath of fresh air. Halo fan fic has degraded in quality the past decade.

Till next time.
3/30 c8 Hein117
Back for another review. I must say that it's refreshing to read a story in the Halo universe that is not all about fighting. Most of the canon books i read start like this, with the civilian and personal side of a character. When you reach the second act it mostly concentrates on the action. Not that its a bad thing.

But this whole series is different, in a good way. While its cool to read about spartans kicking ass sometimes you look for something else. And i have to say that as a character Moss has started to grow on me.

All in all i'm looking forward to read more about him and of course the battle of actium.
3/18 c7 10Just a Crazy-Man
3/7 c6 Broman
Well. Kerbal Ackerson is here in this fix, who woulda known the good doctor has good friends in high places. I appreciate the way you seem nuanced about what the various characters are going through. Especially with the hurt that moss is going through. Also going to miss fish

Enjoyed the bit with the doctor. Good little side perspective. Looking forward to the next one, especially the pew pew planet.
3/6 c5 Broman
I'm going to try and stick to broman, just to make it simple.
So...there's alot to take in with this chapter. Moss gets his ass beat and the worst part is that firearms aren't allowed in this colony for self defense. Crazy universe.

Moss gets alot of anger if his chest and it seems that he wants to explode but can't because of his agreement to secrecy and his stoic deamenor.
Also, fuck Mamore.
2/28 c6 4Killerkitty641
Wow... goddamn it Fish, I knew what you were gonna do as soon as you started talking about how much of a friend Moss was, goddamn it.
2/28 c6 13Thorthemighty321
Wow, you actually managed to make Ackerson somehow not be a complete and utter dirtbag for the most part in this chapter.
2/28 c6 CommissarBS
Goddamnit Fish. I knew as soon as I read that first section that Moss had reason to be concerned, but I'd hoped someone would catch him. Ah well. Hopefully it snaps Moss out of his stink. I eagerly await the next chapter.
2/15 c5 CommissarBS
Things are really heating up, or as much as they can when there's no rounds flying. I personally really enjoy this story. Moss is...Moss needs a lot of help. Understandably.
2/14 c5 4Killerkitty641
Again, awesome chapter. I really like where you've taken the story and what you've been doing with the characters thus far. Very few people would make something like this, and it's great that someone as talented as you are writing it. The dialogue is great and I think everything is pretty realistic. It was a nice touch for Staglis to reach out too.
You've created an interesting situation for Moss; he can't tell anyone about what went down, and he needs to in order to recover properly.

I will admit, the idea of Ferg having a personal handgun is both scary and exciting (in a bad way, as in what you might be able to do with that). I dread to think what someone might do with that.
Throw the possibility of him being suicidal, and you've got a very scary mixture cooked up.
Foreshadowing? :p

And I also just realized something about the story.
'Last Round' evokes the memory of the saying "Keep the last one [bullet] for yourself", does it not?
If this is intentional, then you, sir, have my undivided attention (and concern ;P)
2/4 c2 Brodude
Excellent chapter man.
Feels odd not having humans and aliens blast away at each other in your first couple of chapters but I hope il get used to it.

Nice casual drop in with the surviving members of the battalion. I wonder if any of the other units would give the 222nd survivors mad shit or mad love for what they did. It would be interesting to see that interaction.

With miss being in the armory, this could be a chance to really get into the armies small arms department and explain why their shit is centuries old.

Till next time. Which is in about three seconds..
2/4 c1 Brodude
Ahhhh. My favorite author returns. Or rather, I have found you again after four chapters...

So I'm not going to lie to you, while seeing the surgery from the surgeons point of view, I still couldn't help but remember the specific points in MIA where miss is supposedly in the spiritual realm and being told to wake up. Always gotta throw back huh?

Additionally, I'm not entirely sure I'm going to enjoy this story as much as the others, because I'm a whore for the tactical/strategic/fighting type of stories. But we shall see

Looking forward to the next three
2/1 c4 13Thorthemighty321
That said, I actually felt sorry for Hellas! I would be terrified of riding in a metal box that's getting dropped out of a perfectly good dropship god knows how many thousands of feet up in the air and praying that something doesn't break on the way up that results in the vehicle doing it's best impression of a pancake.

However, I am starting to feel for Moss, the poor guy has gone through a lot of shit and he has to keep the memories of his squadmates alive while not being declared unfit for combat.

I am actually not surprised the VDV way of organizing things didn't work out since it follows the Russian method, the American Brigade Combat Team way doesn't really mesh with that methodology, though the Russian method of organizing things might work with the Marine Corps since they do things differently from the Army. Though if the Airborne Groups are under the command of the Marines wouldn't they be sent through Marine Corps Training and receive Marine Corps equipment?

As for the Group being bigger than a BCT but smaller than a division and how it seems very confusing. But as Poblede said in Missing In Action - "There are two ways to do things: there's the smart way, and then there's the Army way." and it seems sort of fitting.
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