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for Constantinople All Over Again

6/4 c1 16wordsmithie
um FIRST OF ALL, how dare you destroy me like that? my emotions? annihilated! my peace? vanished! how very dare you!

because i love this premise! a good omens au with henry and fanny as as demon and angel? genius! brilliant! i love it! and when i saw it it made me so happy, and i was expecting an aziraphale/crowley dynamic - something lighter, more humorous (though there DEFINITELY were humorous moments in this), but it ended so tragically that my heart is shattered! for my own sanity, i have to believe that angel "fanny" will reincarnate and be entangled in a never-ending dance with demon "henry" and they basically just annoy and irritate and come to care for each other up to and beyond the end of time.

the tone of this is just perfect. your control of the narrative is masterful. i loved how you evoked the timelessness of their relationship, and also the hint that they took so many different forms throughout history, unlike actual good omens where they just tailor their one form for different time periods. the detail about them talking in the different languages was also a nice touch (to be perfectly honest, the fact that they switched languages with every line pulled me out of the story a bit, but i could see what you were going for, and the importance of it was also obvious by the end when demon henry is no longer able to keep track of the languages in his panic).

this fanny is perhaps a bit more prickly than in the books, though i guess it comes with the demon/angel territory. i honestly love this dynamic though - it's such a brilliant au for them.

the interpretation of god and angels and demons is also an interesting one, and well-conveyed in the context of your story. the way henry despairs at the self-centeredness of humans absolutely brought the novel "good omens" to mind. and just the turns of your phrase - gosh! fanfic net doesn't allow me to copy/paste, otherwise i would absolutely be pasting some of my fav lines. i honestly liked the whole section with describing how everything transpired in eden. because i'm so familiar with this story, reading this interpretation was fascinating, and also familiar in a way, because in so many of the bible stories, god is indeed depicting in very similarly calculating, distant, and cold ways.

it's also interesting that demon henry chooses to identify himself as henry, even in his own mind, but never does the same thing with angel fanny. he only ever calls her angel, and very clearly separates her(them?) from the corporeal and fragile body of fanny price. which i thought was interesting.

anyways, I LOVED THIS STORY (even though it hurt me in the end). it was a pleasure to read and i'm so glad i happened to stumbled onto it. thank you for writing and sharing!

P.S. you mention that this your least favourite of austen's novels, which is understandable and true for a lot of austenites (and i agreed with this sentiment once but no longer do). have you watched the youtube webseries "from mansfield with love"? it's a modern interpretation of the novel, and considering all the shoddy film adaptations that have come about, this is the first adaptation to truly capture the spirit of fanny's character, AND make her endearing and engaging to a modern audience - in my opinion anyway. if you haven't seen it, highly recommend it - might bring about a different kind of appreciation for fanny price :)
5/17 c1 Veegie
I liiiiike it!
Thanks a mil for this great story.
4/25 c1 42DSLeo
Just found this.
Got me in my feels.
And the worst is, it's not the Fall that hurts... it's when the Fall *stops*...

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