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6/29 c15 1johannvanguard
It's interesting that the tavern proprietor convinced Nera to help Audrey and her party with fighting the trial guardian. After a long back-and-forth battle, it's great that Audrey, her party, and Nera defeated the trial guardian. I like that Audrey and her party leveled up twice and she got an S class bow thanks to the trial guardian's female spirit form. For the next chapter, I wonder what Audrey and her party will do next and if Nera will join them.
6/28 c1 Guest
(To Iluv Fairytale)

Regarding to your doubts about why Audrey showed a lot distrust in her former companions, i guess that she was showing dislike for their notable negative opinion for Naofumi, despite to that among the other three heroes besides her, Naofumi was the nicest, yet everybody were treating him like shit, something that certainly lift some red flags for Audrey, as if this was a conspiration, making that Audrey though that her former companions could have bad intentions with Naofumi, or even with her.

Adding that don't help the fact that Audrey noted the obvious constant flattering of her former companions, as if they were basically friends for interest, than true and trustworthy friends, as they were flattering Audrey all the time, like if they were working too much to get her good graces, something that even looks like a manipulation, to makes that Audrey could ends listens them and accepting anything that they says, something that Audrey managed to noted, making that she showed dislike for the shady behavior of her former compaions.

And also, to considers her sad past, as victim of a cruel popular guy, whom ruined her reputation in cold blood for rejected him, Audrey certainly developed a hatred and dislike for this kind of people; shallow, falses and backstabbers, making that Audrey possibly considered her former companions like the bastard whom ruined her school life, as all them showed be only interested people that wanted Audrey like a trophy, than treats her like a human being, making that Audrey could noted quickly that her former companions only were trying to uses her for their selfish interests, much like the popular guy, as they don't even hide their true faces; to be flatterers, like manipulative people, adding their weird and illogical dislike for Naofumi, a person that Audrey showed to trust for be truly nice, making that our Bow heroine had logical reasons to distrust from her former companions, as their mannerisms, behaviors and attittudes, implied that they weren't honest people, and possibly were trying to uses Audrey for personal and selfish interests, than be trustworthy companions with true altruistic intentions.
6/28 c15 Guest
Regarding to your opinion about the Season 2 of Rising of the Shield hero anime, i also agreed, as i noted how rushed were the Spirit turtle arc and Glass's world arc, in comparison with the light novel.

Adding that i personally disliked that they ommited the mini arc of the training sessions, the arc that takes place after Cal Mira arc, and before to Spirit turtle arc, as during this training sessions, the story present us formally to Eclair Seatto, the daughter of the previous lord of Lunorola village, whom was charged to trains the Legendary heroes by orders of the Queen Mirelia. Adding that a notable scene of this trainings, was the part in that Eclair was testing the sword skills of Raphtalia and Ren, and after this trainings, Eclair ends praising more the skills of Raphtalia than Ren's, as she noted that the Sword hero was too dependant from his raw power and magic as Cardinal hero to fights, showing a sword skills lacking from refined style and notable capability, to the point that Eclair was sweeping the floor with Ren during a sparring, to the point that the Sword hero had to resort to his magic to wins this sparring, proving how poor are his sword skills, even if Eclair was under-level in comparison with Ren to this point.

Yet, the anime cut this part completely, leaving ommited all this scenes and interactions with Eclair Seatto, making that she was only briefly introduced later when the group were discussing about some plan to fights the Spirit turtle, making her introduction in the anime lacking, especially for her short screentime in the Season 2, showing how rushed and even poor planned was this Season by the producers.

Well, i just hope that at least the Season 3 be done properly, as i will be disappointed if they mess with the story in the anime again, especially if they will introduces Sadeena, Atla and Fohl in the next Season, as i really likes this characters, and will be a shame that they get a short screentime, like Eclair had during the Season 2.
6/27 c15 3Nightshadegirl
finally the trial is over but will there be others? interesting that the guardian took a human form, reminded me of rune factory 4 right there.
6/27 c15 Kaleidoscope's Beauty
First Trial Guardian defeated. Curious of the other ones.

Still cool to see Audrey have upgrades and get a new bow.
6/26 c15 fruitspunchsamurai-987
Cool to see the upgrades and new bow.
6/26 c15 Doortolight47
I haven't watched the second season yet, I'll try to keep my judgement until I see it. Good to see Audrey passing the trials and unlocking a new bow. Really do look forward to her becoming stronger along with her party.
6/24 c2 iluvfairytale
Why does she assume her teammates are lying abd have bad intentions? She's not the Shield Hero, on the contrary her status is quite venerated in that country. For her to assume all praise is false, though quite over-the-top, comes across more insecure that constant vigilance.
6/20 c14 83erica.phoenix16
Thanks for updating. :)
6/4 c14 3Nightshadegirl
and this is the first trial guardian ... ... ... ... my goodness, how hard are the other trial guardians going to be?
6/4 c14 Guest1995
This is such a great twist on the original canon material; I love Audrey, her personality and attitude, and her interactions with Bluebell and Baxley. I also love the moments when she stands up to Motoyasu and puts him in his place!
One thing I will say about the chapters so far, is that there are some grammar errors here and there. For example, it's difficult for long sentences to flow properly when it's lacking commas to break the dialogue up here and there. And I did spy some spelling error as well from time to time also, so...just though I'd point it out. Please don't roast me for pointing these things out, please take this as constructive criticism!
Other than that, I can't wait for a new chapter. Keep up the good work!
6/2 c14 1johannvanguard
Audrey, Bluebell, and Baxley had a tough time against the stag humanoid creature causing problems in the grove. It was surprising that the creature was also a trial guardian who wanted to test their strength. I'm glad Bluebell and Baxley decided to stay with Audrey, even when the battle against the trial guardian seemed hopeless. I wasn't expecting for Nera to show up to help the trio with the creature. For the next chapter, I wonder if the heroes will defeat the trial guardian.
6/2 c14 Dxhologram
Nice fight scene. Glad to see how Audrey's party really fights together with her.
5/31 c14 10Just a Crazy-Man
Love oh Love
5/31 c14 Journey to the End
Good update. Nice to see how supportive Audrey's party is and how she learns to trust and fight together with them more. And yeah, good on you to show more of her protective and supportive side to others, not just Naofumi.
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