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23h c14 2youkaineko on MM
So... the mayor did it in his office. His rug is missing. Presumably to hide the body on the way to the dumpster. His new secretary has Shizu's old job.

Am I right? Sadly I'm guessing I'm not the first to guess this as I waited a few days before reading your newest chapter.
1/18 c14 Guest
1. I've missed this story.
2. I love how Inuyasha is with Kagome in this. He's purposeful and not shy about showing that he needs her. I love those sweet, tender moments.
3. I wish she could make him cave and eat something on a case to prove that he would be higher functioning and sharper. Having to admit he was wrong about it would be hilarious because you know he wouldn't do it willingly.
4. I know I'm not signed in, but my guess is Manten killed Sara Asano - she rebuffed him, sloppy kill, clean up had to be called in to the spider. Maybe?
5. I wish you wouldn't leave here. :(
1/17 c14 16Writer's-411
Well, I can’t give an answer as far as who killed Sara, but I will say that I enjoyed this chapter. There’s so much richness!

The relationship between Kagome and Inuyasha is fantastic. I love that they’re in sync and able to interpret each other. Well more so on Kagome’s end. She’s understanding him well. Also, I love the little bits where she is being humorous, and I love how Inuyasha is being considerate of her needs/wants.

As always, the details are super specific and well organized. I love following along with the conversations and the reveal of relevance between old and new clues.

This was an awesome update! Keep up the great writing.
1/17 c14 nartista
OMG WITCHY ARE YOU SERIOUS!? Aghhhhhhhhhh dkkdjaksndlele I might need to read this whole thing again so I can guess properly, because right now I can only picture Kagura as the killer
1/16 c14 Irish Indy
Thank you so much for the update. I'm so glad you're still posting on the story. I'm looking forward to finding your new stuff on AO3 too. Thank you again
1/16 c14 30Shadow Cat17
I really enjoyed this chapter. I loved that you pulled in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, I started reading this chapter and I wondered if that was what "Elizabeth" met. Would Sara Asano have been murdered by Juromaru/Kageromaru? Thanks for the update.
1/16 c14 7Senie
Gosh this story is so good!
1/15 c14 Mal
Noooooo. That ending...

A good chapter, as always. Enjoied all the little bits of observation, chats between Inu and co.

Hope you are doing well.
1/15 c14 3Talawolfgirl
I hope inuyasha gets to kagome fast. Keep up the good work please
1/15 c14 LayLay lives
About Asano: I was going to go with pink hair but I think she was killed by a human so my guess is her father. Just because it way out there and unexpected. Also because he hadn't seen her in a while and probably wouldn't his daughter turning into a half demon. Her murder was an accident in anger.
1/15 c14 Shoesarecool
Unusual Inuyasha didn't follow her while talking on the phone! Love the stories on ao3. Don't have an account so can't review there, but they are good!
1/15 c14 Guest
WOW what a good chapter!
1/15 c14 MakeUsFly
(get ready for a little TMI)

Last night, I finished the second draft of the novel I've been working on for two years. Spent all day considering how I'd celebrate. Beer, obviously. Takeout, sure. New episode of Doctor Who? Finish my Pride and Prejudice reread? Some movie I've been meaning to stream?

Then I got the email notification that Deductions updated and my immediate thought was "YESSSSSS THAT'S IT."

And it lived up to it and I enjoyed it immensely. So thank you.
1/15 c14 theinuyashareader
AAAHHHH! Oh no Kagome! Witchy, get back here!

As for who killed Sara, I'm really not good at guessing games. I remember when I first about the spider a while back I thought Naraku, but I think that's too easy. And you already said the murderer isn't the spider demon. So yeah... idk lol.
1/15 c14 65CurlyBookWriter94
It has to be the Spider with the pink hair ! Also, welcome back! I was wondering when you would be uploading more chapters lol. I loved this one and Leverage lol
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