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for Bright as Jade

5/28 c2 2Princess Compassion
I love your story. You are such a talented writer. I can't wait for chapter 10
5/28 c9 75Ribeiro1986
Congratulations! i never heard of miss sigon, but a friend recommended me this story and i simply loved it. congrats
4/21 c8 goldenslumber98
Okay I’m trying to restrain myself from posting a review for every chapter but I just can’t help it. I’m loving the way you paint the images of the settings, Thuy’s thoughts, and gradual development of Kim and Thuy’s relationship. Great work! Looking forward to the next chapters :)
4/6 c6 goldenslumber98
Gripping and vivid descriptions that had my palms sweating while reading this chapter! Timely upload too since it’s Kwang Ho’s birthday today :D
3/24 c1 goldenslumber98
Brilliant writing for all the chapters so far. The characters are really brought to life, and the story in incredilbly detailed and believable. Hong Kwan Ho’s interpretation has given more depth to the character in a way I’ve never seen in other casts. I’m really glad I found this today. I’m looking forward to the following chapters! Please keep going! I’ll be here till the end :)

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